More On Impact Wrestling's Abysmal Cable Rating & Absent Viewing Audience

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This week's Impact Wrestling simply performed horribly in the ratings. The show only garnered a 0.83 cable rating to go with its average viewership of 1,016,000 viewers on Spike TV.

The number was the lowest in three years, dating back to Impact's experimental run on Monday nights. The show was up against stiff competition with Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs game - Pacers at Heat - drawing 8,500,000 viewers and the History Channel drawing 4,800,000 in the same timeslot.

To TNA's credit, this was the first week back in the 9 PM/8 CT timeslot.  However, there has to be a lot of disappointment headed into Slammiversary on Sunday.

  • Justin Lal

    It’s time to wrap up Aces & Eights. I wanted the group to succeed but it hasn’t worked out that way. TNA needs to push guys like Anderson, Styles, Hardy, King, Sabin, and Gunner. They need to stop pushing the older guys.

  • Durango

    I’m not sure if this makes an impact or not but Spike TV is no longer on cable or the VIP package for Rogers.

  • jdl

    What TNA needs most is a better TV deal, Spike is a terrible network. Its average ratings would result in every single series they show getting canceled on just about any other network. TNA needs to find a more suitable home as Spike’s audience is slowly shrinking down to nothing.

  • Lex

    Problem with TNA is the booking. Geez, start building your guys already! They try and then stop. Enough over saturation with these stable wars. It’s like every year, there is a stable threatening the life blood of TNA. I can list ’em; Fourtune, Immortal, The Band, MEM, Aces and 8 blah blah blah blah… Spike does no favors advertising the company properly either. How many time is Hogan and Sting going to go at it? I’m a fan of both of them, but enough is enough already.