More On Jake Roberts' Relapse, Will Not Give Up

Diamond Dallas Page and company posted a video of the conversation with Jake Roberts about his relapse. You can watch it at this link or embedded below:

Jake Tweeted the following on Thursday afternoon:

Below is my response:

  • jackkedx10

    its disappointing to see what happen but it was great that Jake was man enough to admit his mistake and stop before he mest up even more

  • Mitch D.

    It happens and may happen again. It’s a tough road to walk at first, but very often the mistakes we make give us the strength we need to succeed. As long as we are willing to learn from them. I think Jake can and will learn from this and bounce back.

  • dunlap84

    Standing up and owning it and not hiding and allowing it to take over again is a huge step and I hope he can finally take hold and beat this addiction for good. He’s my favorite wrestler ever and I wish him nothing but the best.