More On Jeff Hardy's New TNA Contract

The big news coming out of Thursday was that Jeff Hardy has agreed to a contract extension with TNA Wrestling. The signing is actually a victory for Hardy as he inked a deal for two years.

We reported in December that TNA wanted Hardy to sign a 3-year extension with the third year being a the company's option. Based on the way this was announced, it appears this is the two-year contract Hardy was seeking.

  • V:G

    As much as I’d like to see Hardy back in WWE, this is probably the right choice for him at the moment. Its hard enough to get in the WWE spotlight but with so many returning or part time talent in WWE at the moment its even harder. As he’s already in the TNA spotlight and has a lighter schedule as well (although not sure for how much longer it will be lighter) then TNA is the better option at the moment. In my opinion anyways.

  • Clint

    2 years in the wrestling world isnt very long. He could still come back for 1 more go round then retire if he wants to do so.

  • _JIM_

    Hardy is better off in TNA. Even though he would excel and pick right up where he left off in WWE fan wise, he already has 2 wellness strikes against him. So 1 slip up could cost him his job and the reputation he’s working so hard to rebuild. With TNA’s lighter schedule when compared to that of WWE’s, I just think it’s best for Jeff to stay there at his age. The guys body has to be a mess. So the limited schedule will enable him to keep on working longer than he would if he was working the crazy WWE schedule IMO.

  • jeff sux……. :@