More On Jericho's Return, Mark Henry Backstage, Scary Blown Spot In Rock vs. Punk

- Chris Jericho has had open communication with WWE since leaving last year. His name was brought up a couple of times but a deal couldn't be reached to return. They hid him well in Phoenix so no one would know and got him out quick before it could leak.

- Mark Henry was backstage at the pay-per-view and obviously wasn't used.

- There was a scary spot in The Rock vs. CM Punk as the plan was for Rock to give Punk the Rock Bottom on the Spanish announce table. The table collapsed and Rock appeared to have tweaked his knee. He ended up having to sell and gave Punk the Rock Bottom on the outside. No word on how bad he hurt his knee was but he got through the match.

  • Cody Zeller

    Where’s the more part?

  • don

    One of the best secrets. With the exception of Cena in 2008. I had no clue Jericho would be brought back. Damn, Richard. Should’ve got on that one quicker.

    • Chris

      I actually expected it, with Ziggles in the ring I even said number 2 was Kane, Danielson, or Jericho.

    • Luke

      Caught me out too!

  • SRP

    I knew that spot would be blown before it happened. Those tables are built to collaps on impact.

  • sehunter

    BREAKING NEWS : Brock Lesnar has signed a new 2 year contract with the WWE untill Wrestlemania 31

  • mick

    Awesome to see y2j back suprised me it was the best moment of the night.