More On Kenny King Working Impact Wrestling Despite "Verbal Agreement" With Ring Of Honor

Shares 0 is working on a project with Kenny King and released the following teaser in light of him working Impact Wrestling this week despite claims from Ring of Honor a "verbal agreement" for a new deal was in place.

Please be advised the teaser features strong explicit language and alcohol use. If you are offended by such things or in a public place in which this might not be acceptable, you have been warned:

  • shopkins

    Ladies and gentlemen, here are your ROH World Tag Team Champions. Don't they sound super excited to be part of the company?

  • Dave Barton

    So anyone who WASN’T a fan of the Attitude Era should avoid this video…

  • Liam

    Wow, these two are champions in this business. This is completely unneeded nowadays. These kind of interviews work ten years ago, but not any more. This is terrible. Great talents I’m the ring, but need to work on there professionalism (yes, professionalism is needed in the wrestling business)

  • _JIM_

    Professionalism isn’t the point of these types of interviews. They are supposed to be a look at the individual being interviewed and give the viewer some kind of insight into the person’s real life and real opinions. It’s in no way supposed to be a WWE type overly produced promo. I like the “Shoot Interviews” for those reasons. You actually get to hear how the performers really feel about things that have happened in their own words.

  • Kevin

    That's the problem with the WWE. Vince gives the talent their opinions, and if they go outside what Vince tells them to say, they get FIRED! Look at Scott Steiner and the Dudley Boys. They tried to be themselves and say what they felt, and they were sent packing faster than if they had slapped Vince in the face. Shoot interviews are awesome!