More On Mike Tyson/WWE, Attitude Era Star At Smackdown, Post-Wrestlemania 28 Party Snubs Upset

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- Not only was WWE very pleased with Mike Tyson's involvement in Wrestlemania 28 weekend but Tyson hopes to work with the company again the future. Tyson reportedly had a great time and would welcome an opportunity to do something again on WWE TV.

- Billy Gunn was backstage at Tuesday's Smackdown taping from Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

- There was some talk coming out of this week's WWE television tapings that some people had their feelings hurt when they weren't invited to the post-Wrestlemania 28 party in South Beach. All of the top executives, including the head creative team writers were there, but the ones that were excluded weren't happy about it.

  • Robert olley

    Surely there’s a mr ass return in the works

  • christopher525

    Hook up Mr. Ass and the D-O-Double G, one more run, what the hell, couldn't hurt.

  • Aldo T

    if Billy Gunn returns.. Hell yeah! 😀

  • Marc

    Billy Gunn vs Dolph Ziggler will be fantastic!

  • Brandon

    New Age Outlaw for one more run. "The Road Dogg" Jesse James and a returning Ass Billy Gunn.

  • PhilT81

    Maybe Chuck Palumbo could return with him
    – or Bart Gunn. He was always known as a tag team wrestler, it’s a shame WWE has dropped the ball with tag wrestling. You would have never had Big Show run through the legion of doom or Steiner brothers with zero opposition

    • havoc525

      You just reminded me of a team they could reunite. Show-Gunn.

  • Irish Noel

    Who was excluded?