More On Notable No-Shows At WWE Raw, Nikki Bella Still On Crutches

More on No Shows at Raw

Not only did Big Show not return as advertised on this week's Monday Night Raw but there was a lot of frustration over The Wyatt Family not appearing live. Randy Orton was officially advertised and didn't appear either.

Nikki Bella Still on Crutches

While not shown on television, Nikki Bella came out to the ring on crutches for the Miz TV segment on this week's Monday Night Raw. This isn't the most newsworthy thing regarding the Bellas and the show, as Brie's wardrobe malfunction grabbed headlines.

  • Dave Barton

    So Richard, were Big Show, Orton, and the Wyatts even in the building?

  • Mr. A.k.A.

    So….What happened?

  • I can’t help but think during the numberless re-writes this group of talents got forgotten.

  • Xavier

    Daniel Bryan was in pretty much 5 segments worth of television last night if you include the gauntlet segment at the end of the night (that ran about 45 minutes). That’s a lot of TV time folks. That’s probably the main reason why WWE creative wasn’t able to fit Big Show, Randy Orton, Kane & The Wyatt Family on TV this week.