More On Oklahoma Banning Combat Sports; 10/1 WWE Raw Supershow To Be Canceled?

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NewsChannel 4 KFOR out of Oklahoma has a video report online about the state banning combat sports after the end of this month.

The report mentions the October 1st edition of Raw Supershow, scheduled to take place at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, could be canceled.

You can watch their report embedded in the video below:

  • Philip Thompson

    I've never heard anything so stupid. What about professional athletes or trainers who have spent years training in their vocation? What about the millions of dollars of revenue that gets generated for the state through major events. They're cutting off their nose to spite their face, and it's idiotic. Why does their athletic commission need to take fees for PPV's that other athletic commissions don't? Professional Wrestling isn't even a combat sport anyway, so they've got that one wrong. Nobody has ever died competing in the UFC, so I'd judge that to be quite a safe sport… whereas in american football there have been many deaths at all levels, including cheerleading. Next will they ban all sports? Oklahoma might take away the crown from Texas as the fattest place in the world if that happens.

    • Christina

      This has got to be the stupidest thing that ive ever heard of!!!

  • Aldo T

    So from what I'm getting for this is that.. UFC screwed everyone over thanks to their greediness?

    Ain't that a load of crap.. -_-

    Honestly, its a low blow to Oklahoma.

    • Lyndilu

      Btw, Mississippi is the fattest, not Texas. In fact, Texas is behind Oklahoma. Oklahoma is number 7, Texas, number 12.


    Well at least all of the Raw superstars can have a break for wrestling for a week,it it can be a better Raw the next week,but the bad thing is how about there is no Raw,and everybody get's mad at the WWE:-{

  • Lyndilu

    WWE doesn’t take a week off, there would still be a show, they would just have it in some other city. This totally sucks though, Jim Ross tweeted that it looked like it was being resolved, I hope he’s right!