More On Paul Heyman Returning To WWE, Relationship With Brock Lesnar, CM Punk Spoiling His Return

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The plan coming out of last week's TVs was for Paul Heyman to be brought in as Brock Lesnar's mouthpiece around SummerSlam.

I'm not sure what changed as Vince McMahon, who never saw eye-to-eye with Heyman, was reportedly insistent that Heyman would not be part of any deal between WWE and Lesnar. I was told by a source close to the situation the two had cut ties after Heyman had pressured Lesnar to stay with UFC with some feeling that Lesnar returning to WWE would either extremely minimize Heyman's involvement in Lesnar's career or completely eliminate it.

However, one of my sources told me last week they felt Heyman already had some type of deal in place to appear on WWE TV and sure enough, he returned tonight.

Obviously Heyman's comments that Lesnar "quit" were a work although one of the things Vince McMahon had hoped would circulate after reports of Lesnar "losing it" backstage at Extreme Rules was that he had quit the company. I have much more on that at this link.

It's also worth noting that CM Punk spoiled Heyman's return after a day full of controversy.

  • Sam The Man

    VKM used to be budy budy with Paul.E when E.C.W was around. Helping him with talent exchange and cross promotion feud. Dont Forget that McMahon give Paul is first chance in thé buisness as à photographe at ring side. I think VKM respect Heyman guts. They to much alike to fonction thogeter.

  • Whammaster

    Its smart for WWE to pushing backstage fallouts real or staged in an attempt to confuse the community. Even this makes your job a bit harder to fish for the truth in the this muddy pond. It makes the IWC question what is really going on. Its good business, and its fun to watch =).

  • Mark

    Vince will always do whats good for tv not for himself or his personal relationships. Thats why WWE's been so successful Vince nows when to cut and when to say hey i want you back the mans a geniuos. Never brings self pride into it. He's brought Bret back, Bischof in ……………… That says it all………

  • Logan_Walker

    Simple he wants the IWC to think that Lesner Had Quit ? Well then post there "Account Terminated " on there website, then next week at RAW say that lesner might show up so security out side, with a camera crew.. he shows up then a scuffel appers and then he gets past and Nexus's the whole area and gets to the ring and demands his "contract" back.. even though he said he will never come back. Thats how i would do it

  • Kevin

    I have to agree with Mark here. Vince is, first and foremost, a businessman. I have no doubt that the ego we see on television is just a hyped up version of the real Vince, but he is a businessman through and through. If it's good for the business, and will potentially bring in the money (or as they say in the business, "Put butts in seats"), then Vince will swallow his pride and put personal feelings aside to do it. And that's why he has succeeded in making the WWE a global force to be reckoned with.