More On Shooting Victim Whose Week Was Ruined By CM Punk's Loss; "Superstar" Billy Graham Discusses Health Scare & Recent Controversy

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-Wrestling News World reader Ian D sent in another story Tom Dotterer, the elderly CM Punk fan who was shot in the eye earlier this week. Dotterer thanked CM Punk for responding to him, and says that he has to "hope and pray that Punk bounces back and when they meet again, that he'll win." Click here to view the full article.

-Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of theScore Television Network and Layfield Report ( spoke with "Superstar" Billy Graham in his first interview since overcoming double pneumonia. Highlights:

-How his health is and how close he came to death:
I was just released from the world famous Mayo Clinic Hospital just 2 days ago actually last Thursday from the flu which turned into double pneumonia, which is fluid in each lung and then congestive heart failure. I feel very good, excellent really. I’m back painting. (Doctors) told me about another 10 more days before I can get back in the gym”

-How often he works out.

-How he keeps busy with his painting.

-If his health scare affected his perspective on life. Also looking back on his life if it has changed any animosities he may of had in the past.  

-Not actually having heat with CM Punk and Chris Jericho, and how he feels about his comments after going through his health scare:
I know that Chris Jericho has never really cared for me, really basically from day one, but anyway I was very shocked (by his comments), I was just trying to make a observation of how things have evolved in professional wrestling with body types. I meant no harm or disrespect to CM Punk whatsoever because he’s a hard worker and dedicated.”

-Did CM Punk contact him directly about the statements?

The interview is embedded below:

  • Michael

    Again get a life you were shot in the damn eye, that’s more important then Punk losing a predetermined title match. Grow up you could’ve died and your week was ruined by a title match, please Richard I’m begging you don’t mention anything this idiot has to say this I’d the dumbest crap I’ve ever read.

    • shwo

      I find it extremely commendable that he’s able to brush something like that off and have a sense of humor about it. You might need to be doing the growing up if that bothers you so much. You probably watch too much NBC so when you hear gun, you lose your mind.

      • Michael

        What are you talking about dude you have no clue. In case you couldn’t tell by the ring I live in new orleans murder capital hello. Guns don’t bother me, however if I got shot in the eye I wouldn’t be more upset about a fake title match that has nothing to do with having a sense of humor that guy was as serious as a heart attack. I get being a loyal fan I’ve been a wrestling fan for 29 yrs I get wrestling. I was around during the eighties, nineties, and now I’ve never missed an episode of Raw or nitro. I have no problem with a fan bring a fan but when you’ve been shot that is more serious than punk losing the belt.

        • Hardy

          Yeah I’m sorry but I agree, a life threatening incident is a lot more important than a scripted show. Again I’ve watched wrestling for years but tv over life? Come on people, I respect the mans humour in getting through this but still.

          • Michael

            Thank you Hardy I’m glad somebody else has a brain on here other than me. I don’t get it the guy could’ve died and Punk losing was what ruined his week. Hell I know he can’t see out of the eye that got shot, he’s to old to be taking wrestling that seriously really it’s predetermined by Vince McMahon hello.

          • Davidh

            I’ve never been shot in the eye or anywhere else for that matter, but I would assume it would be quite the stressful experience. Wouldn’t you agree? So please tell me, who in the blue hell are you to tell anyone how they are best served to deal with that type of stress? Football is a game as well, yet I can remember after Katrina how important it was for the Saints to get back on the field and give the citizens of NO something to look forward to and take their minds off the damage caused. How is this different? This guy was simply using wrestling to take his mind off of being shot in the eye. I mean damn, the guy was shot in the eye and is still alive. I think he’s earned the right to say he was none to happy with Punk losing. All he’s saying is the decision to take the title off of Punk ruined his week. But yeah, I agree with you, I’d much rather this guy sit around and pity his current situation then try to find any kind of enjoyment out of life as clearly his is over. (End sarcasm). Personally, I think you would benefit from lightening up just a bit and spending less time trying to tell others how they should feel about something. I agree with the above statements that if you have no interest in this guy don’t read the articles, but please, don’t tell Richard or anyone what they should or shouldn’t report on. While I respect your right to your opinion and the right to read the articles you have interest in, I kindly ask that you show respect for others opinions and understand that some of us might be interested in reading these updates. I find it interesting that this guy is able to even think about wrestling after being what he went through. Tougher SOB than I am, that’s for damn sure.

          • Michael

            What the hell are you rambling about did you really just compare the saints getting back on a field to a man being shot you sound like you are stupid. Nobody that went through Katrina myself included would have said I know Katrina just hit, and I’ve lost everything but my week was ruined because the saints lost. That guy was old and senile, he was dead ass serious he wasn’t joking. I don’t know who you are and quite frankly I don’t care, but you sound stupid talking about getting his mind off being shot in the damn eye by talking about wrestling. He almost wasn’t able to see wrestling ever again think. He was on the news for gods sake. How about you keep your opinion to yourself.

          • Pronix

            Seems you should take some of your own advice mate, you’ve been bitching at everyone that will listen, yet you still don’t understand the point that yes, while guns are bad and so is getting shot. If the man chooses to deal with his issue in this way he is more then welcome to do it like that.

            You’re now throwing names around and calling an old man that has been the victim of a crime, senile. Yeah your showing the world on the internet your a “grown A**man” alright… Your words not mine.

            Secondly anyone that’s said anything against your point of view you seem to shout louder and louder to be hear, you’re now telling people to keep their opinion to themselves while forcing your opinion upon us and calling everyone that disagrees stupid. I say this yet looking at your posts, your English seems to degrade every few sentences,

            The points made by Davidh where all valid and completely accurate. I say this as an American who has lived outside the states for the majority of my life. You stated ” I know Katrina just hit, and I’ve lost everything but my week was ruined because the saints lost” That’s not the point Davidh was making, his point was the world moves on, and if you stop everything and wallow in self pity nothing will get done, and nothing will ever change. Had the saints one, it would have lifted peoples spirits in such a hard time. That was the intention of the point.

            The old man is doing exactly that, sure he got shot in the eye, sure he could have died, but is he playing the victim – no, he’s getting over his situation through comedic value(again up for opinion based on if you personally think he is joking or not, but again opinions differ).

            People cope in different ways with different things, get over it. I commend the old man for having a sense of humor in dealing with a traumatic time like this that he as a human being is facing.

            How bout we all stop trying to be internet heroes Michael, take a chill pill and relax. And focus on what really matters in the world around you, and not forcing your beliefs on the matter on people. There is a difference between giving your opinion and forcing it upon people, you started at giving your opinion you’ve migrated to forcing it.

          • Pronix

            Try to make a point about English and spelling, in my haste to type make an ass of myself by misusing “your” and “you’re” and leaving typo’s in a few places – Damn you non existant edit functionality.

          • Great point, Pronix!

          • I guess it’ll kill you even more that CM Punk and the “Old Senile man” actually spoke via phone! and I have the audio to prove it!!!

          • Michael

            It’s not killing me at all Ian. The fact that Punk reached out and spoke with the guy is fine no problem with that. I had a problem with him getting upset about a fake predetermined wrestling match when there’s a lot of things in this world that people should be upset about. Children getting murdered for no reason. Innocent folks can’t even go see a movie without a mad man shooting and killing them. Here where I live the superbowl is going on and that’s all the world sees, but outside if the French quarter and the super dome there’s a city, a city that has murders almost everyday however when there’s an event they don’t report it. The police don’t do there job well here. People who have been arrested for murder have been set free by dirty judges. Do I hate the man no, however I do feel that he could’ve talked about gun control or other issues in the world like how Zimmerman is attempting to get the trail pushed back to November and asking the public to help him pay for a lawyer. The guy shot and murdered an innocent teen because of the color of his skin, and they have people that support him. All I’m saying is nothing wrong with liking wrestling or any other sport but there’s a time and place to talk about it. What if a political figure were doing an interview about something serious in America and when asked if it ruined his week he said no but Rock winning the title from Punk did, the press would have a field day. Just saying time and place bro time and place.

          • Logan Walker

            UMAD bro? *trollface*

          • Michael

            Nope never mad life is to short to get mad over nonsense. Just saying that there’s more important things going on in the world to really get upset about other then a predetermined wrestling match. Punk will become wwe champion again sometime this year and Rock will be back to Hollywood and this poor confused man will still be without sight and forgotten.

        • Michael, if you have a problem with the news that I send in, and the news that Richard decides to post, by all means, don’t read the site. No one is forcing you and you will not be missed.

          • Michael

            If you sent it in then your the jack that needs to get s life as well. I have seen people get shot and die it’s not a game there’s nothing funny about it. I dint think the guy was even being funny he was serious. Wrestling is awesome it has consumed almost my entire life, however when something as serious and real as a guy getting shot while doing his job takes place and all he cares about is Punk losing a belt that he will hold again in the future that is sick. That shows everybody why this world is so sick. You have people shooting up schools, killing children who didn’t have a chance to live and when Obama wants to ban certain guns people want to get upset. There’s a lot more important things in this world then a wrestler losing his title. A teen was murdered in Florida for being black and the trial still hasn’t taken place. A Congress woman was shot and can’t speak or walk the same anymore. Innocent people watching a dark knight movie were murdered for no reason. Hell just last week the same week Rock beat Punk a college in Houston was shot up and that what ruined his week Punk losing. Get serious America is slowly dying from violence. Innocent people are getting shot just for going to the store, the movies, college, or an event that’s what I’m saying grow up it’s a time to be funny and a time to be serious and that wasn’t a time to be funny.

          • WOW!!! For someone who’s a Grown a** man, you sure talk like a little kid. I’m not going to agree with such pettiness and immaturity. Please keep it to wrestling and move on. Have a nice day and You’re Welcome!!

          • Pluto

            It’s pointless Michael, facts & logic don’t work on most of the people on this site unfortunately

        • Jimmy

          If the guy that got shot doesn’t care then why do you? Don’t post stupid shit unless your the one involved next time.

          • Michael

            I can post what I want I’m a grown a**man. This is stupid and anybody that doesn’t feel this way is as well. The guys a mark, he thinks wrestling is real well news flash it’s not now do what you should’ve done in the first place and take care of yourself you’re shot you idiot.

          • So your opinion is the only one that’s right? Sounds more like a child than a man

    • Lagoona

      Then don’t read it!

    • Pluto


  • Dangerous Lee

    I would love to meet this guy and have a beer with him.

  • Pluto

    This guy is a 77 year old virgin. This story is truly pathetic and makes all wrestling fans look bad.