More On Ted DiBiase's WWE Departure

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Ted DiBiase's WWE departure does not come as a surprise (See also - Ted DiBiase Gone From WWE). His contract was up and he chose not to re-sign. DiBiase never understood why WWE nixed his push and was frustrated about his position in the company.

While DiBiase understood the importance of "waiting for his time," he grew burn out from the travel schedule only to not be placed in storylines. DiBiase is hoping that one day things will work out for him to return to the company but he wanted to try something else that would allow him to spend more time at home. He's a new father and didn't like life on the road.

He was well liked and respected in the locker room and got along with a lot of the boys in the back.

  • Patrick

    I don’t blame him wanting to stay home with his family…life on the road as a wrestler can be hell.

  • jdl

    I’d like to say I feel sorry for him, but I’d love to be secure enough to just pack up my toys and run on home instead of manning up and putting for more effort. I can understand wanting to be with his family, but he’s giving up and I have no pity for quitters.

    • Matt

      So manning up, to you, is spending weeks on end away from your kids? Some people can do it, others can’t. Was Tyler Reks a bitch for dodging out?

      • andrew ace


    • Jaryd

      You’re pretty cold, son. It’s not like he immediately upped and left when there was no progression for his character and role on television. He stuck it out a good couple years of getting absolutely nothing and quite frankly I imagine that pay slip was looking less and less attractive compared to the effort he had to put in, especially when supporting a family.

    • Ricky

      Stay classy bro.

  • jsjssj

    man wasn’t used regulary since 2011 and he’s been on the road still. nevermind the no charisma/boring thing, being on the road but not being used is enough for someone to leave a company.

    • JJ

      He was never allowed to be the charisma/face, in RKO it was randy, in his tag team it was Rhodes. You don’t get better without practice, see DB who wasn’t the best before lots of practice. Dibiase always put on solid matches.

      • JJ


  • wes

    he would never of been the face, but personally i think he could of been given a run, he wasn’t a bad wrestler like many think. He could easily had a run at or as US champ or IC but come on WWE chose to keep running programs with Kofi as IC and US Champ, not to mention Ted’s injuries. He did not take his toys and leave, he completed his contract and simply stated he wasnt happy. Something that happens alot. Hell others have left and caused way more of a scene then Ted has. If you didnt like his character then thats one thing, bu dont bash him as a man. Especially if you have never had to be on the road and away from your family like TEd

  • Tna

    Is it just me who was wondering why they didn’t have triple h fire him last night on raw to get heat ?

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      You make a valid point, Tna. That would have been a pretty cool storyline. Have him run to the ring to help Bryan, only to have his butt handed to him by the Shield, then have HHH fire him then and there. The only problem is that they would have needed to have him feuding with the Shield for a few weeks now.

  • Frida Olsson

    I actually hope Ted DiBiase Jr goes to TNA and they find his groove. So much talent in him. Plus they travel less on the road.

  • K!NG

    Ezekiel jackson and evan bourne could leave as well and id care less

  • Lebron James

    This is a big loss for the company, the mans potential is out of this world. If only the idiots in the back knew how to utilize him. I wish him luck and I hope he comes back someday. Maybe next time around he’ll be used correctly.

  • JJ

    Good to know more that went into his decision. As I said on the other story, I always felt WWE used him poorly. I wish him the best with his family, and hopefully he’ll make a run in TNA change some things then get begged to come back to the E.