More On The Death Of Matt Osborne

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Just to clarify, Matt Osborne was pronounced dead at a Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas hospital on Friday. He was found unresponsive at his residence in Plano, Texas by his girlfriend.

Investigators believe Osborne's death was accidental but an investigation remains ongoing. NBC News has the story at this link.

  • _JIM_

    It’s sad to see yet another performer pass away at such a relatively young age. Osborne was never one of the over blown, gigantic muscle guys that was obviously abusing steroids either. So that can’t be attributed to his early demise, but there was, and or is, definitely something going on in the wrestling industry, other than steroid abuse, that is making these people die at ages in which they shouldn’t yet be having any type of health issues at all. At this point, the life insurance premiums for somebody that has pro-wrestling as their profession has to be staggering. I just hope that the performers from the generations following Osbourne’s have learned from the mistakes made by their predecessors.
    I always thought that WWF kind of dropped the ball, and could’ve done so much more, with the Doink character. He should’ve been played as an evil clown, but not how they did it. He should’ve been way more dark and not cartoonish at all like he was portrayed. Kind of like the Mankind character originally was, but as a clown. A lot of people have a real fear of clowns, and if done right Doink could’ve been creepy as hell to everyone. All it would’ve taken was a dirty clown suit, some smeered make-up, and a creepy version of the entrance music he used. I really think that would’ve worked a lot better.