More On The Reaction To The Arrest Of Jack Swagger

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The reactions are beginning to pour in regarding the arrest of Jack Swagger for DUI and marijuana possession. Everyone seems to be genuinely dumbfounded how he could allow for this to happen after winning the Elimination Chamber match just three days ago.

The timing of the arrest is particularly harmful as WWE received a large amount of mainstream media attention from the Swagger/Zeb Colter segment from this week's Raw. One of the things Vince McMahon was hoping to accomplish with the gimmick was the mainstream media attention that RJ Brewer attracted with his similar gimmick in Lucha Libre USA. WWE was also in the middle of beginning Swagger's program against World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.

As for Swagger's future in the company the only thing WWE is offering up at this time is the statement they gave to That statement is as follows:

“Mr. Swagger is responsible for his own personal actions.”

WWE had no further comment when reached by

  • It’s all just very disappointing. What do you think should happen to Swagger Richard?

    • Wiltshireuk

      With the way orton has been treated after his wellness violation I don’t hold high hopes for swagger.

  • Michael

    Remember that this is just marijuana not a wellness strike. Orton never got suspended for marijuana only fined. This is bad for Swagger but don’t expect Vince to kill his push right away if he continues to get the media attention that Vince wants don’t be surprised if Swagger even wins the world title.

    • Lrgetrout9

      Are you that dumb?

      His push is over. O. V. E. R. OVER.

      Expect a match on next week’s Smackdown where he loses his shot at the title.

      • Michael

        Are you dumb because you skipped over Raw. So let me get this correct they continue the feud on Raw only to have him lose his Mania match on Smackdown does that make sense no. If Vince wanted to do something to Swagger they wouldn’t have released the statement they released. Vince has invested to much into this new lame Swagger gimmick to get media attention which worked to worry and a slap on the wrist arrest. Swagger may not become champion but the match will still take place you dumb ass. I’ll restate though that I never have been a fan of Swagger new or old I thought that Mark Henry should’ve won the ec match and beat Alberto at Mania, but this won’t affect Swagger match Vince and Hunter will have a private meeting with him scare the shit out of him and if he messes up again he’s through.

        • BlazeKing

          I think you misread that WWE statement. They put all the blame squarely on his shoulders for him to carry either back down to mid-card status or on his way out the door. It’s WWE’s choice right now as to which of the two.

          They let Cameron go (not released) for bribing a cop. Kenneth Cameron beat up a cop and got released so fast you didn’t even see it happen! I fully expect Swagger to lose his spot. If they let him slide, everybody else will just be as stupid as him for what he did. He couldn’t even wait until he got to a hotel.

          What happened to Jack: He got caught by a cop who wasn’t particularly a fan of his new gimmick and was on a watch to catch him with anything. Jack should have known better.

          • Michael

            First I don’t know who Kenneth is, second she attempted to bribe a cop which is worse then getting busted and she still has her spot. Again I repeat I don’t care what they do to him I’m just saying I don’t believe that Vince will do something this close to mania and deep into the storyline with the media attention. The judge will more than likely let him off with a warning and a slap on the wrist. They didn’t find like an ounce or gram he probably had a little bag enough for one person to smoke. Orton never got suspended just fined he got suspended for using a banned substance. No doubt this will affect the outcome of the match but I think that the match at mania will still take place because there would be no way to explain why he would put his mania match on the line when Cena is doing the same thing that would be over kill of a storyline. But again I never wanted Swagger in the world title match preferred Henry or the original plans where Ryback was supposed to win the Rumble match choose Big Show and defeat him at mania and become the world champion.

    • The Awesome James

      Drug-related arrests, pot included, are grounds for immediate dismissal in the Wellness Policy.

    • Evan bourne and sin cara both got suspended for marijuana although i think that was synthetic but no difference if im thinking right

      • Kris Mystery

        I believe WWEs punishment for synthetic marijuana is stricter than the natural weed.

        • Michael

          Yes it is they only fine you for weed that’s what I’ve been trying to get them to see and understand. I wish to God Swagger weren’t in a title match at Mania however this is what Vince wants for media attention so I’m not holding my breathe that Swagger will lose the title shot that’s all I’m saying.

  • Raf

    Is just weed!!! How selfish to think that wrestlers dont have pain. Its like saying that each time they jump off the third rope they land on fur and cushion clouds. Hes not made out of steel.

    • frenchfry

      yea because he definitely had it for pain right? back to stupid town with you

    • The weed possession is not the problem. The DUI is the problem.

  • ryan25

    What an idiot.

  • KLK1975

    It says in the wellness rules if someone gets arrested & convicted WWE has the right to terminate that person’s job. Consider his push over. I know they are misdemeanors, but if he’s convicted, he can easily be out of a job, just like with most companies

  • With

    It would be interesting to see if they decide to put Christian is the title picture instead.

    • Kris Mystery

      Don’t hold your breath

  • Mediocre Writer

    Bit of a pity. The Swagger, Del Rio feud would be a real good one if it was for the US title instead of the main event.

  • Darth Watchdog

    Hopefully this kills the stupid angle set-up between Del Rio and Swagger/Colter

  • Richard Urbanowski

    he should lose the titile shot.