More On The Real Reason Jeff Hardy Is Off TNA's UK Tour

I just spoke with Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks regarding Jeff Hardy being yanked from the company's upcoming tour of the United Kingdom and asked him whether or not an injury had occurred.

Brooks, who was in attendance at Friday night's Impact Wrestling taping, told me he was under the impression Hardy was pulled due to legal issues preventing him from entering the UK and the kayfabe reasoning was that an injury had occurred.

Brooks went on to say he would be "very surprised" if Hardy was legitimately injured and criticized the company for their booking of the main event of next week's show. Full taping results are available at this link.

  • Patrick

    sounds more like the reason is due to his legal issues and not being allowed to travel outside the country.

    • He must not be allowed outside North America because he toured with TNA here in Canada

      • GODSENT68

        I guess really depends on the host country and their laws

  • Michael

    So if that is the reason what’s the big deal. When Truth couldn’t travel to a certain place due to his past wwe claimed he was injuried from the week before. This is bring blown out for no reason, I think that Hardy has done a lot since 2011 to earn the trust of everybody. I understand that people make mistakes but they pay and move on.

    • skitzo

      He has done a Hell of a lot to turn his life around and earn back trust.. its just some ppl have no life and can’t move on. Theres also the ppl that just don’t like hardy and keep using his past as an excuse to hate on him

      • Kenneth

        He has done a lot since 2011 to earn people’s trust but in context two
        years isn’t worth anything in the life of a recovering irresponsible
        drug addict, if he is indeed trying to recover. He’s done two years before and then gone back to his old ways. Give it ten years and maybe that’s worth something.
        With people like Jeff it’s not a matter of other people not moving on because they hate him. His track record
        prevents a lot of people from placing trust in him no matter what he
        does. He’s screwed up and betrayed trust too many times for people to trust again. If people have come to hate him it’s only because Jeff’s earned it. That’s hard to come back from.

        Think about it… if you try to shake someone’s hand and they kick you in the balls, then apologise and say they’ll never do it again, then kick you in the balls again next time you offer your hand in friendship how many times do you offer your hand before you learn that he’ll just kick you in the balls again?
        People don’t like getting kicked in the balls. Well, most people don’t…

  • Snitch

    But what’s the difference with this guy, he wants to leave to go to WWE again, (from past writings I’m sure I read) he’s hurt, his two title belt thing is stupid, his makeup eye thing is boring, he is forever injured, his record prevents him from being a normal guy with rights, he was good now he is just a fall away from being crippled, I know this is a lengthy run on sentence, but he really isn’t worth it, in my opinion.

  • Surely they would’ve known before this week he wasn’t allowed over here!? If it was an ex offender for such an offence tried to get into the US they wouldn’t be allowed to. So why should we allow entry to the UK?

    As for he’s turned his life around, good on him but we all have to live by the laws of the land you live. Jeff didn’t and got caught, as the late Big Boss Man used to say “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”