More On The Rock Flying Home To Miami, Injury Diagnosis

The Rock flew home to Miami, Florida on Monday and was examined by Dr. Lee Kaplan at the University of Miami. He was diagnosed with torn abdomen and adductor muscles that he tore off his pelvis as well as a hernia.

The injury occurred early on in his WWE title match against John Cena as it's estimated The Rock worked 15 minutes in intense pain.  Writers and producers didn't find out about the injury until Monday afternoon causing panic and show rewrites.

  • Interestingly enough, aside from a couple of little let downs here and there. Raw was a lot more entertaining than WrestleMania was last night, and the fans REALLY helped that along. If that was a last minute re-write of Raw then I want to see that kind of quality more often!

  • Lebron James

    Damn he’s fragile. That’s two straight ‘Manias where he tears something. Poor guy. I hope he get’s well soon.

    • Streamz

      He hides it well though. Both times we had no idea he was injured until he told us afterwards.

      • Don

        It’s called adrenaline.

        • True. My son is an athlete and tore his tricep. He didn’t know until later when the adrenaline wore off and the pain began.

  • hey rock you stay @ home..don’t come again WWE ring…u sux…

    • Don

      I agree..Stick to your movies rock..You were never really made to take the big bumps like the guys that are there for the long haul.

      • Monty

        It’s morons like you who hate on these guys who actually made wwe huge and helped beat wow during Monday night wars

        It’s pathetic all you haters hate but rock and ther part timers generate more revenue for wwe in 2-3 months what most top stars don’t do in 12 months. These long haulers have whole year to step their game up and become stars but they don’t so don’t blame wwe or Vince when he looks for part timers to give huge boosts

        But whom am I kidding people just don’t get the fact it’s a business

        And next year most likely RVD and stone cold Steve Austin

        WM will become land of part timers and PPV buy rates will get higher and higher.

        • Kenneth

          I agree with what you’re saying there.

          The problem I see is that while the long haulers have a whole year to make themselves stars the environment they work in severely disadvantages them compared to when Rock, Austin, &c made themselves stars. It’s a lot harder these days than it was in the Attitude Era.

          Now this isn’t an Attitude Vs PG rant. This is more about the freedom that talent had back then to perform and express themselves. These days the talent don’t have that freedom. Matches are planned out too much. Everything’s so organised and controlled and choreographed to the finest refinement that there’s no room for a performer to step out and do something to make himself noticed.

          The last guy to do that was Ryder (that I can remember) and the WWE seized control of that and ran him into the ground the first chance they got. I criticise Ryder for being a whiny bitch but he does have a point. The WWE did drop the ball with him. It’s not exactly something that would inspire other talent to follow in his footsteps and take a chance with their careers.

          It makes total sense for Vince to fall back on the part timers for revenue and ratings but its his own fault that he has to do that. Meanwhile the fans miss out.

    • Chalon

      I want Rock to stay and keep working with WWE. The problem has been his feuds, first taking the belt off of Punk rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, then his matches with Cena which are build like this huge generational matches but ultimately because of Cena being stale and Rock not as ruthless as back in the day it did not live up. PLus the 2 in the ring don’t go well together, they both need a guy to play off of.

  • Rich

    Yeah I feel rock probably didnt wanna let wwe down at raw so tried to hide it but must have got to the point where he had to just come clean. Maybe should have been honest and not left them in the shit but was with good intentions. Opposite to what some marks have been saying. Don’t believe everything you read!