More On The Stipulations Gimmick For The Returning WWE No Way Out Pay-Per-View

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WWE No Way Out is set to return to pay-per-view on Sunday, June 17, 2012 from the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The show's main events will be in steel cage matches but they will also include stipulations to prevent participants from escaping the structure. Proposed stips include lumberjack, handcuff, strap and chain added to the steel cage main events.

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  • monty

    maybe its just me but not every PPV need gimmicks, no way out should be like old days. Having one steel cage match and rest other regular matches should be one thing but steel cage main events come on.

    randy orton vs ziggler
    punk vs bryan

    give me those 2 matches in regular 15-20 minutes match of pure wrestling and i will pay 50 bucks for no way out, but with all these gimmicks that's not gonna happen

    i guess what i am asking for are some actual wrestling matches

    • havoc525

      Better not say you like TNA then, with this Lockdown crap.

  • Nick

    Dog Collar

    • Van

      Ryback vs Brotus Clay

  • havoc525

    Sounds interesting, at least the whole show won’t be cage matches.

  • Matt Scott

    Barbed wire!

  • ryder

    I would have liked for No Way Out to replace the name of Elimination Chamber

  • Aldin94

    Im getting TNA Slammiversary instead.

  • Dr.Cool

    Scrap the lumberjack stuff make all the matches steel cage and compete with tna's lockdown ppv. I love steel cage matches

  • JRock104

    They should bring back the triple cage match from WCW

    • sportsman6100

      That was the worst match ever!

  • Russo back in WWE? Ha!

  • Paul

    Glad they’re bringing no way out back, had some great matches at no way out cactus jack vs triple h hell in a cell, stone cold vs triple h 2 out of 3 falls, the rock vs the undertaker, the rock vs hulk hogan to a name few. Doesn’t really need a gimmick.

  • XKonn247

    Honestly, it’s feeling more and more like Russo is back!

  • Hunter

    This is stupid. They have all the talent necessary for great feuds and great PPV matches, but instead of focusing on the talent, they try to get buys by using stupid gimmick matches. Sounds a lot like TNA

  • Zach

    So it’s basically LOckdown

    • Van

      maybe.but No Way Out came first