More On The TNA Championship Belts Being Stolen At 8/18 Live Event

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TMZ has picked up on the two TNA Championship belts being stolen at a TNA live event in Ottumwa, Iowa on August 18th.

According to their report, a "stagehand" was unloading a truck at the venue when they turned away for a "split second." This is when 33-year-old Joe Luke allegedly grabbed a $6,000 TNA Championship belt and $400 replica and took off.

Police used surveillance footage to catch Luke and Forrest Jamison, who operated as an accessory. Both men were arrested Wednesday before posting bail and being released.

Click here for coverage by TMZ.

  • mjledesma

    What happens to champions being accountable for the titles they carry?

  • HRoll

    You really don’t get it, do you? They have 2 belts. One they give to the guys to travel with, and another “HD” belt for TV.

  • Jason

    Why is the TNA title Worth six grand. You can have it made by wildcat the guy who makes the belt for 2,750 lol.

    • Blazeking

      That's still a "handmade" replica if you didn't know. The "HD" belt has other stuff done to it. I don't have the full list but in know it's way heavier. I think it's different a metal or something. Wildcat is contracted to not make the same exact belts but the handmade ones are the best replicas you can get.

  • _JIM_

    Did they ever say which belt was taken? I’ve seen wrestlers take belts that weren’t theirs from champions in the past. Why weren’t they arrested? Lol. This was a bone head move. Its not like they could have pawned or sold them without getting caught. So they basically took it so they could look cool while walking around their trailer home. What a couple of idiots. These modern belts are just shiney metal anyways. Not like back in the day when a champ actually had to put a $20,000 deposit down on the belt while they were champion due to it’s value. I think that was the old “big gold” belt that Flair and others used back in the old NWA / WCW.