More On The TNA Departure Of Toxxin

To clarify, Toxxin was working on a per-shot basis in TNA Impact Wrestling. While she was removed from the company's roster earlier this week, she was technically not released because she didn't have a contract to begin with.

Her real-life boyfriend Jesse Neal was concerned about how his departure would affect her status, thus was trying to "play it cool" with very mild public comments.

Both are now free of their obligations with TNA and are free to work wherever they please.


    • MonstaHeel 450 22 January, 2012 at 21:47 Reply

      Nah. Then theyd have to change their looks, run around and act stupid in front of Cena/Orton and crew unless they break in huge and see where it takes them. Otherwise, ask the Birchills (Paul and Katie Lea/Winter) how that angle turned out in the long run……

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