More On The WWE IC Title Change & Why The Company Leaked Word Before The Match Aired

As noted earlier, Kofi Kingston beat The Miz to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship in a match taped Tuesday night from this week's WWE Main Event. WWE is currently running the title change on dot com as their top story despite the match not yet airing.

This is no accident as WWE wanted to get word of the title change out to show the importance of WWE Main Event in hopes more people will tune into the new series on ION Television.

WWE did a similar title change with the United States Championship on the SummerSlam Pre-Show by having Antonio Cesaro go over Santino Marella. The thinking was this would show the importance to not miss the pre-show and "anything can happen."

We broke the news of the both title changes before they happened on Richard's Backstage Blog.

  • Alex

    Actually no. It just shows how much those titles don't mean a thing anymore.

    • Redrum Vasquez

      I agree. The titles are just props. They’re not important like when guys like Bret Hart held the IC title or when “Stunning” Steve Austin held the US title.

    • Berto

      True an well said

    • XKonn247

      Why surprised? They’ve pulled this before when Kurt Angle joined SmackDown and won the vacant World Championship.

  • mark3man

    WWE.Com spoils a title change…..I wondered where Bishcoff was, now i know he's writing for spoiling more title changes

    • Jessica.sexxxy

      How??? He works for wwe's rival TNA.

  • Wwe4L76

    Those tittles are just toys with really bad campionhistory the last years. And the diva championchip is one sad story 😛

  • Doug

    i think its a good move the IC title has had a history of changing hands on shows like this Example Shawn Michaels Vs Brittish bulldog…… and this was after Bulldogs Summerslam Main Event win over bret hart for the title.

  • BigMike

    I like their idea of trying to boost ratings is noble…..they did the same thing with Heat when they used to put then champ HHH on the programming, but it will not work in the long run

  • Louis

    No the us title can mean something with classic battles such as magnun ta vs. Nikita or the ic with Shawn Michaels and whoever. That’s why TNA needs the American title and how much better James Storm and Bobby Rhoode would have been.

    • Andrew Ace

      Bobby Roode is Canadian

      • XKonn247

        So? Antonio Cesaro is Swiss. Santino is Canadian. Can they not hold the belt?


    Good move WWE cause now that I know the outcome I don't need to watch. Way to lose ratings.

  • H.M.

    I'd watch the program if I actually had the channel. Derp.

  • Brian

    The Miz main events WM28 to job to wanna be rubber band moving kofi? Are you kidding me. The Miz took the touch and owned
    It at WM28, I was there. They are BLOWING it with him…I hope he lost it only to get back in the world title picture…

  • EDFTW67

    Stop it is what it s titles are there for the wrestlers to go hard after Thats what keeps it intristing !!