More On Tyler Breeze, 'Fired' Big Show Working, Dolph Ziggler's Wrestlemania Dream Opponent

- For those that missed it in our live results, Tyler Breeze is on the road with the main WWE roster this weekend. Breeze is portrayed by Mike Dalton, who has been in developmental since late 2010. The gimmick is a narcissistic model, who loves taking pictures of himself with his mobile phone during his matches. Breeze was trained by Lance Storm.  Click here for his NXT profile.

- A "fired" Big Show worked Friday night's WWE live event in Knoxville, explaining to the crowd in a pre-match promo that he was appealing his termination and was allowed to work.

- has an article online featuring quotes from Dolph Ziggler to promote Wrestlemania XXX tickets going on sale on November 16, 2013. In it, Ziggler reveals his dream opponent for Wrestlemania, his favorite Wrestlemania match and his first Wrestlemania memory. Click here to read it.

  • Jamie

    So Ziggler V HBK. Huh. I’d like to see that.

  • Tony Rankin

    Tyler Breeze is a pretty entertaining talent and has one of the best entrances. Can’t say he’s high on my NXT roster list of people I’d like to see called up though.

    Ziggler vs HBK would be epic, just to watch those 2 sell each others moves.