More On Undertaker Returning - Will He Work Wrestlemania, Appear On Raw?

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Undertaker has been in negotiations with WWE about working Wrestlemania 29 this year. While his health is obviously a factor, the main reason he was holding out was over money.

We can confirm Undertaker met with Vince McMahon and Triple H about Wrestlemania two weeks ago in Nashville, TN. We reported on February 14th he was still a possibility for the show.

As of this writing we are unable to confirm Undertaker for Raw on Monday or that he is officially in the plans for Wrestlemania 29. He lives just over an hour and half from Waco, Texas (the site of Saturday night's live event) and it's doubtful he returned for one non-televised bout.

A source that has been following the negotiations said Undertaker wanted to test his body before a match and given the fact he worked a tag bout [at Saturday's Smackdown live event], it makes sense.

  • Singh_Is King

    wait when did the undertaker wrestled a tag match?

    • Jimmy

      Smackdown house show.

  • Michael

    Taker returns tomorrow after Cena beats Punk and challenges him or he returns to save Vince from Brock.

    • I’m thinking its to save Vince from Brock.

    • Xavier

      Cena beats Punk for sure. I’d love too see Taker save Vince from Brock setting up Taker/Lesnar but I got a feeling it’s gonna be HHH saving Vince from Brock setting up HHH/Lesnar sadly. As for Taker, I think we get Taker/Punk at Mania.

      • Jimmy

        Taker/Lesnar would be my pick considering we’ve already seen HHH/Lesnar last year but knowing WWE they like to make matches that people have already seen and play it off as something new.

  • monty

    vice you are paying everyone else for part time but this m,an truly deserves all he is asking for and more. wrestlemania without taker won’t be the same

    this year compete with punk or lesner

    next year please please please do taker vs sting once in a life time

    than retire at 22-0 after wrestlemania 30 in big easy

  • shwo

    watch out brock

  • [email protected]

    So i didnt know undertaker was a jew

    • Don

      He’s not lol

  • This could just be taker seeing if he can work the ringrust off in time hes not trained properly in nearly a year remember people

    • Xavier

      I think Taker will be at Mania for sure.

  • Dangerous Lee

    It’s so obvious Undertaker is going to appear on raw to challenge Kaitlyn for the divas title.

    • Alex P

      Kaitlyn vs The Streak at Mania?!

    • Book it Vince!

    • Rambo Commander

      You are nuts. Taker can still give the best match of the year and you don’t insult him like this.

  • Kleck

    I love each time Taker returns. The entrance is epic. You literally get chills running down your spine and the building of anticipation to watch the legend fight once more.

  • Johnny

    I doubt if they put taker vs lesnar takers body cant take lesnars furiosity

  • Xavier

    Glad Taker is back. He’ll be at Mania for sure I bet. Glad Punk will have someone too face now. Wasn’t a fan of shoe horning Punk into the Cena/Rock program. Triple Threat Matches tend too be overrated. And the title scene could use a break from Punk for a little while.

  • Mark

    Taker’s final wrestlemania match should be next year against all his most difficult opponents(who are still able to wrestle) in a first ever 6 man Iron Man Match. Taker vs Shawn vs Triple H vs Kane vs Batista vs Randy Orton. Yea, i like to dream….. a lot.

  • Evon Reese

    Punk vs The Undertaker is an insult

  • Jimmy

    CM Punk stated in a comic-con that the Undertaker will come back to face Zack Ryder. Alot of people see it as a joke but i think its true considering Ryder doesnt have a match for Mania yet. Its the biggest threat to the streak.