More On WWE Pyrotechnic Lawsuit, WWE Live Report From 7/5 Show In Japan

More on WWE Pyrotechnic Lawsuit

Following up on an earlier item where we reported here on that WWE was listed as a defendant in a lawsuit over pyrotechnics at SummerSlam 2008, has more with photos of the family of Susan Prim. The family blames pyrotechnics at the show for causing Susan's fatal asthma attack. You can check out their coverage at this link. (Thanks to WNW reader Dave L for sending us the link.)

WWE Live Report From Japan

Wrestling News World reader Hiroaki Kawafuji sent in the following live report from WWE's show in Tokyo on Friday:

- Yoshi Tatsu defeated Wade Barrett by Japanese Leg-Clutch Hold

- Zack Ryder and The Great Khali defeated Epico and Primo when Ryder hit Rough Rider to Epico for the pin

- Natalya defeated Aksana by Sharpshooter. Former WWE Superstar Funaki is special guest referee

- Sheamus defeated Antonio Cesaro by Brogue Kick

- Ryback defeated The Miz by Shall Shock

- Chris Jericho defeated Curtis Axel for WWE Intercontinental Championship Match by DQ when Axel hit the championship belt to Jericho, and Curtis retains the title.

- John Cena, Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated The Sheild when Cena hit AA to Ambrose

  • -|AZ|-

    Yoshi Tatsu WHAT :-O


    • T-Zone

      Yoshi Tatsu was one of Japan’s fastest rising stars at one point. Unfortunately Japan is one of the few places Yoshi can win during tours. Something to keep the crowd happy.

  • D.Nyte

    I am certainly not a cynic as it pertains to untimely passings. However, when you purchase a ticket to any event whether it be sporting or entertainment, it is expressly written that by attending said event, you are waiving all liability of the venue and/or performers/athletes/promoters in the event that a health or wellness occurance arises as it pertains to the unexpected results of the event that may may take place. These variables are explicitly written on either the back of the tickets purchased or are included in a separate document mailed with the purchased tickets.

    It is no different than a disclaimer for a roller coaster at your nearest theme park that states but is not limited to: Children under 48″, people with per-existing heart conditions or expectant mothers are advised not to ride.

    This is a sad event regardless, however, I had floor seats to a Smackdown event in 2003 where I was 5 rows in front of ‘The Giant Fist’ and I myself was singed by the pyrotechnics. Did it hurt? Yes. Either way, it was a conscious decision on not only my intention to attend the event, but also place myself in a position to be directly affected by the proceedings of said show.

    I am sure the family is still hurting and in shambles as a result of what occurred that evening and rightfully so. However, they have no legal grounds to hold either the WWE or the venue and corresponding management accountable liable for what took place based on the waiver that was signed via the agreed upon purchase.

    • BigMarkLew

      she also had a pre existing condition. It’s like someone going to Joe’s crabshack or Red Lobster with a horrible shelfish allergy with out an epipen(unsure how to spell it). It is a very sad loss but I believe it was her responsibility to know hey Undertaker comes out with that smoke maybe she should have had an extra inhaler with her. Sad loss indeed but they guy parading his kids around to make a buck off his wifes death inexcusable.

  • Mark

    Just thinking about the pyrotechnic stuff, do you think this is why RAW doesn’t have fireworks at the start of the show anymore and that some PPVs are starting to do the same?