More On WWE's New Video Game Partner

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We reported here on, citing a report from Bloomberg, that Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. has acquired WWE Games from THQ.

GMA News is reporting that Japanese developer Yukes Co. as well as former THQ employees will be retained by the new deal, entering into new agreements with Take-Two Interactive to develop new WWE games and content.

There is no word as of this writing when the new WWE game will be released and what new direction will be taken. Until a direction is decided, we will be filing WWE video game news in the WWE '14 category.

  • Roger

    So nothing’s changed? It’s just going to be the same thing we’ve had forever in the past games?

    • Michael

      Same people because they have history however take two will more likely have the final say on how the games final copy looks and they will also give their input on how they want the game to look and what modes go into the game.

      • Gio

        I feel like take two will yuke’s work on wwe ’14 then have 2k work the wee games from then on