More Problems For Scott Hall

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TMZ is reporting more problems for Scott Hall as he has defaulted on a mortgage and now owes his financier $75,000.

Hall borrowed the money in June 2011 to purchase a house in Seminole County, Florida. Hall missed his final balloon payment due last December and has refused to pay it. The lender is looking to foreclose on the house and sell out and wants Hall to pay the difference if there is one.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending the TMZ link.

  • Maz

    Hall is willing to loose his house for not paying for something he agreed to when to took out the mortgage.

    Cant believe the bank would actually lend to scott hall in the first place, and hall must be a dumb ass for not paying the payment, I can actually see him ending of on the streets

  • Rone

    Hey "Maz" bet Scott Hall has more than U…….in the first place…..Sure he is doing better $$$$$$$$$$$ than alot of other people!qUIT DOWNING THIS GUY.U know alot of people go n2 a situation of paying a morttgage and things go south.He has hit a bad point in life it happens!!!I hope Hall hets out of this hole!