More Repercussions For Tough Enough Winner After 'Disrespectful' Tweet?

One of the bigger stories last week was the Twitter activity of WWE Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl, where he called the Social Outcasts #SocialJobbers during Raw. The tweet drew him a massive amount of heat amongst the boys, with Kevin Owens and Stardust calling him out in public for it. Bredl, who works in NXT as Bronson Matthews, is being compared to Million Dollar Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder.

During the 2004 version of Tough Enough at a Smackdown taping in St. Louis, Puder legitimately put Kurt Angle in the Kimura. While he was seconds from injuring Angle, referee Jim Korderas quickly went to the finish. Puder garnered massive heat for embarrassing Angle and ended up getting stiffly chopped by Chris Benoit, Hardcore Holly and Eddie Guerrero during the 2005 Royal Rumble match.

There are plenty of people wondering if there will be any in-ring repercussions for Bredl when he is in there with a veteran talent. His tweet was seen as disrespectful and only added to backstage resentment over him making much more money than the average developmental talent. While a typical downside for a WWE developmental talent is in the $25,000-$30,000 range, Bredl is making $250,000 for one year because he won the Tough Enough competition.

Some are speculating Bredl could find himself in tonight's Royal Rumble match but we can't confirm. His last tweet was January 19, 2016 and read as follows:

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  • I can’t imagine it would be a good idea putting him in the rumble match. I can see him making a mistake or two.

  • Splat

    Back in the day JBL would have took his head off with a clothesline from hell.

    • Xavier

      JBL wouldn’t do a damn thing, Joey Styles humbled that clown

  • Xavier

    Petty ish, why did KO & Stardust even feel the need to get involved publicly? It didn’t even involve them, you don’t see dudes like Cena, Big Show, Kane or other vets getting involved in this silliness (not publicity anyway) And for the record the Social Outcast are jobbers, that’s more then obvious

    • ron

      Exactly you never saw or heard of undertaker calling out other wrestlers in public. They handled their business behind closed doors in the locker room. My mom taught me when I was 3 or 4 that two wrongs don’t make a right. How old are they?

    • Gary Robert

      I agree. Who cares and no sh*t etc etc
      Does Bredl work as a heel in NXT?

  • Dave Barton

    Kid tries to garner himself some heel heat by making fun of a comedy stable, and this is how he gets treated. Sure, makes much more sense that he sits around waiting for Creative to come up with something for him until he gets released at the end of his year.

    • Simon Veitch

      What he did was simply bag out people who have paid their dues and worked a hell of a lot harder than he has. Josh needs to learn to shut up, listen and learn. The whole business is based on respect, no matter where on the card you are. Calling a faction jobbers, regardless of its accuracy, is disrespectful considering he will likely wind up a jobber now

      • ron

        Then take him aside and educate him. Don’t do the same thing he did publicly.

  • J Sal

    Punishing and embarrassing this guy on a PPV in front of millions of people would be an injustice to us fans. There’s no room for that in a business environment or especially with the “Be a S.T.A.R” push they’ve had the last few years. But for those who paid money to be at the Rumble in person or for those of us who want to see an entertaining event it would be a complete waste of time. Especially with the myriad of “surprise” options wwe has access to at this moment. If they do it it would easily appear as though they are more concerned with maintaining an internal perception of the business opposed to focusing on putting out an entertaining product.

    • Michael

      Id love to see it. He should shut up and learn.

  • Eddie

    How about The Dudley Boyz sending Josh Bredl crashing through a stack of flaming tables? That will teach the “Tough Enough” winner a lesson in humility and respect!