More Twitter Reaction From The Premiere Of "Total Divas"

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Below is some more Twitter reaction from the premiere of "Total Divas":

  • Tim

    I didn’t watch. But it looked like garbage. It’s so scripted. But it’s funny how everyone under contract likes it. While the ones not tell the truth.

    • Brian

      Want to know what else is scripted. Monday Night Raw.
      It wasn’t a bad show, it’s nice to get some more character development with the DIVAs. Plus it gets my wife invested in the characters and gives her a reason to watch Raw on Mondays with me.

  • Don Tonberry

    This show is actually pretty decent when the Bellas aren’t on screen but unfortunately they are on screen quite a bit. Not sure what management sees in Eva Marie, but I really like Jo-Jo.

  • John

    Didn’t watch it but heard it sucked. Having said that, anyone who didn’t think it was going to be another scripted reality show are insane. It was never ever going to be a realistic look at the divas backstage or whatever.

  • Mark

    These was not one likeable character on the show.