More UFC Fighters To WWE, Dean Ambrose's Feud With Mick Foley, Comparing Sandow To Del Rio, Ryback's Gimmick

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With WWE re-acquiring Brock Lesnar with a big money offer do you see other MMA stars possible making the jump to WWE?

I don't know if you've seen but Tito Ortiz is the latest MMA fighter to tease a possible WWE run. The concept of a UFC fighter coming to WWE isn't a new one at all as Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn did it way before Brock Lesnar. The interest in Lesnar had to do with how he drew for WWE, went to UFC and had success and drew big for them as well. Vince McMahon was determined to have Brock Lesnar's first post-UFC appearance in a WWE ring. The interest level won't be as high for many others but the door from MMA to WWE was opened years ago.

I was wondering if you knew what was going on with Dean Ambrose and Mick Foley. Is their little twitter feud legit, or is it part of a storyline?

The social media storyline between Dean Ambrose and Mick Foley is just that… a storyline. Mick Foley has made things look very believable but the ultimate goal is to use the angle to bring Ambrose to television. It's a great opportunity for one of WWE's top developmental prospects.

Alberto Del Rio was the last guy to be introduced with needless vignettes and was pushed from day one to the top. Is Damien Sandow in line for the same push?

Alberto Del Rio wasn't the last as the debuts of Brodus Clay and Lord Tensai were both hyped in the same manner. Damien Sandow is formerly known as Idol Stevens where he had a brief run on Smackdown. With that being said there are plans to push Sandow but it all depends on how the crowd reacts to his gimmick as to how far the push will go. Alberto Del Rio is a guy that lived up to the hype and has impressed company officials with the way he's gotten over.

What are your thoughts on Ryback's gimmick?

WWE is trying to get Ryback over by having him squash enhancement workers. To prevent him from crushing the momentum of any regular roster member, they are using "extras" or "call-ins" that are local independent workers that do not have WWE contracts to put him over. This is often done for a newer gimmick where the company can gauge his work and crowd reactions before determining a storyline for him. WWE officials like Ryback's look and feel it gives him great potential.

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  • Jaryd

    To be fair though , when Severn and Shamrock made the jump, WWE was a bigger deal than UFC because it hadn't been turned round by Dana White yet. Now UFC is massively bigger than WWE so it's a bit of a different situation in my opinion.

    • wnwdotcom2

      UFC isn't massively bigger than WWE.

      • Best in the World

        10-12 years ago UFC was on the brink of extinction but since purchased by Dana White and Co. they made UFC into a powerhouse in the mainstream media. I can't wait until WWE gets back to the glory days of the attitude era. I'm very optimistic that WWE will gains its popularity back one of these days.

        • wnwdotcom2

          UFC is owned by Lorenzo & Frank Fertitta who operate as Zuffa, LLC. Dana White is the "face" of UFC but he's not the owner.

          • Best in the World

            Thanks for the correction, I've seen that special on UFC on CNBC I think. I watched this Unreal story of professional wrestling on the Bio channel on Tuesday. It just brought back memories as a kid when they talked about the "Attitude Era." That two hour piece was made in 1998 which was I believe the middle of the uprising of pro wrestling. Also, on random note I've been waiting since I was very little for a twenty-four hour pro wrestling channel. Since the announcement of WWE Network it's only dragged. I can't wait till they actually come through with it. I will never worry about nothing on t.v. because the WWE Network would be my go to channel.

      • Etbluffer

        Exactly- just a competitor. Back in the 90’s, wwe would mention UFC by name, almost like TNA right now. Today, UFC has grown, and can compete with the WWE on any given weekend.

        • paulw3000

          It seems like your implying that WWE don’t mention UFC at all… WWE has mentioned UFC alot since Brock’s return, and shown fight photos, so I don’t get your point of saying that WWE used to mention UFC.

    • Don

      Where in the hell did you get the idea that UFC is bigger than WWE? Don't know where you got that info from, but I disagree completely.

    • GODSENT83

      It’s not necessarily bigger as much as it is more mainstream. Perfect example us coverage by ESPN

    • Dude Love

      Plain and simple…WWE is not popular any longer, not cool and does not resonate with the current generation. The main reason WrestleMania did ok was that it brought back older fans for one night due to big names. The major problem is that Vince has to now pay through the nose for these big names when he never had to do that in the past. For the first time he is in trouble and trying to recreate the magic of 10+ years ago. That strategy will not work. Period. No upcoming stars are even close to a Rock, Stone Cold or Cena. By bringing back old guys it will make it even harder to create the next Rock. Investors have been telling Vince for years to keep his eye on the ball. The WWE Network still does not have a head and the deals to get it done. It is another XFL. That stock price tells you everything you need to know about a global brand that is on its way out of popularity. Also, millions of facebook and twitter conversations are actually a bad things as it does not generate any money and instead takes away from TV viewership (check out the post WrestleMania ratings as they are in the toilet even with Brock back, terrible sign!). Many hardcore fans constantly voice how much they can't stand the Twitter obsession Vince has. Just a ton of bad decisions and I am afraid Vince is older and out of touch. After, Rock, Stone Cold, Brock, Undertaker and Cena are gone that will be the end of WWE.

    • Rafael GR

      WWE and UFC are two compeletely different things you can't compare them!!!!!!!!!

      • anandvkumar

        I Agree. UFC is real fighting while WWE is storytelling. WWE can plan and decide on the outcome of a fight to suit their storyline or to please the fans. But, in UFC that isnt the case. So, comparing the two isnt the best idea.

  • havoc525

    I like Sandow and look forward to his debut. Ambrose as well. Not so sure I am a fan of bringing in Ortiz and pushing Ryberg so strong.

  • Lil Wayne YMCMB

    with the success of david otunga, wade barrett, ryback and daniel bryan, it shows that nxt season 1 rookies were only successful due to NEXUS!!

    • Bops

      Glad someone said it.

    • Ken

      Very true but conversly, Heath Slater, Darren Young and Justin Gabriel have yet to achieve the same level of success because of their time with NEXUS. Michael Tarver was released so he doesn't count.

    • jdl

      The success of Otunga? If being the most boring man on the roster is a success, then I never want to be a success at anything.

  • Ricky

    It looked like Gabriel was going to form a sweet tag team with Kidd until Gabriel got injured, so we now have to wait for it.

    Young is part of a tag team now with Titus and they look like they are in tag team dominance, and will be until the WWE decides to can the team.

    Slater is just bland and can't get a good gimmick. I mean come on, The One Man Southern Rock Band? Repackage him, and see how it goes, anything is better than his courant gimmick

  • The Breaker

    The vignettes WWE aired prior to Del Rio's debut gave him so much momentum. He was one of the hottest new stars in 2011. Right around the time of his injury, his gimmick started losing steam. Now he's back, which is great. But he's just not exciting in the ring. He needs something to help him regain that momentum the initial vignettes provided him, like some way to refresh his character.

  • LeBron James

    UFC IS bigger than the WWE at this point. You guys are in denial.
    UFC has more mainstream attention.

    • anandvkumar

      I doubt that. UFC is in growth phase while WWE has already established itself as one of the top entertainment choices for viewers across the globe. I am not saying that UFC cant beat the WWE in size or revenue but, as of now I dont think UFC is bigger than WWE.

      If you think UFC was bigger than WWE, why would they give off pay-per-view shows of their fights for free to their viewers? It is a good tactic to gain mainstream audience and if you see a couple of free ppv's and like it, you wouldnt mind paying for it the next time they make the ppv actually paid.

    • MATT

      actually that's not true. WWE beats UFC in pay per view buys by 12% consistently. UFC loses out on that when places like BBW have the event pack the place almost everytime so people can watch it for free with money going to the restaurant not UFC.

  • Jordan

    I don't know why, but I really get a kick out of Damien Sandow's promos. It has a little bit of The Genius feel to it, but not as over-the-top. Hope his in-ring work is good.

    • steve2

      I was going to say the same thing!

  • Mr.Love

    Wait since when has ADR been over? I for like him at all and fast forward through everything he says and does

  • Matt

    If UFC is not bigger than WWE why is that WWE ppv buys drop when a UFC ppv is in same weekend?

  • robert

    don't care biout ortiz, alberto del rio is garbge i like ryback and alberto del rio is garbage yes said it twice because he's garbage and over? crickets can be heard when he comes out and he sux ass on the mic,,,, Ryback i can get behind del rio is garbage

    • British bulldog

      Something tells me you don’t like del rio lol

  • Sebastian

    I love WWE but will admit it’s not as popular as UFC or MMA. But comparing the two is kinda irrelevant because one is an actual competitive sport while the other is pure entertainment/TV Show.. It’s a pointless argument.
    But ask any ten people here in Australia what they’d watch and you can bet 8 out of 10 of them will pick UFC over WWE.. Just because one isn’t “fake”, I love both but the WWE struggles every time.


    I hope there are like 20 new WWE superstars that will come to the WWE in 2012

  • BigMike

    I think Ryan ((Ryback)) might FINALLY get over he has the look like he always has and he is more entertaining than A-Train(( oops I mean Tensai)) I liked him better as A-Train I dont miss the summer sweater though lol I liked watching Aaron the Idol when he was in OVW and always knew he would be back now as Sandow and for AMbrose I remember him as Moxley in OVW and Heartland wrestling among other Indy promotions he was billed as a "wrestling prodigy" back then

  • No disrespect indetned Stick Boy, but I would wear a bag over my head if I got beat that easy! Actually that should have been a bet if he beat you that easy you would have to wear a paper bad over your head for a week that say’s Preston not only beat me at arm wrestleing, but he made me wear this bag all week, because he took me down like the wus that I am!! LOL Just kidding with you bud there is not disrespect in getting beat, but he would have to try me everyday until I beat him, so get working and make sure you take the challange to him everytime you see him! Don’t ever give up on yourself and tell him that when you beat him he has to announce it to all of us in a video now there is a bet I’ll take anyday! I got your back bro, let your light shine my friend.