Most Impressive Physiques In WWE History, CM Punk At Ohio Comic Con, Edge's Contract Status

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- Dot com has a funny article online looking at "The 20 Most Impressive Physiques in WWE History." "Ravishing" Rick Rude tops the list at #1 and John Cena is #2. You can check out the article at this link.

- WWE Champion CM Punk is scheduled to appear at the Wizard World Ohio Comic Con this weekend on Saturday, September 29th from 6-6:30 PM EDT. As a result, Punk will not perform at Saturday's WWE Raw live event in Topeka, Kansas.

- Edge appeared on WWE television last week to promote "Haven" and has not agreed to a new contract with the company.

  • Hardy

    As sad as it is not seeing edge all that often, it’s great he’s gone on to his next chapter in life with acting. I really hope he makes it somewhere in that industry and wish him the best of luck.

  • PainOfDemise

    I don't even remember Edge saying anything about Haven when he was on there.

  • evangrove

    Richard I’m curious. If that’s the case with edge then why do they call him a superstar? As if he is current.

  • SRP

    I had a feeling Rick Rude would top the list.

  • Ralphus

    No Ultimate Warrior?

  • christopher525

    Ok, how do they not put Morrison on that list? Dude's abs even put Rick Rude to shame. Maybe even Undertaker from the return of his Deadman gimmick.

    • outkazt09

      Cause Jomo is a jobber.

  • Rafeek

    The original “superstar” Billy Graham, Tony Atlas, ken patera, Lex Luger should be easily in the top 5

    • XKonn247

      Steiner and Bulldog are juicers. And pretty obvious ones. Though I’ve not seen the list. It might be rife with them!

  • Jussajoke!

    How did Arn Anderson not make this list?! LOL!

    • Sam Anderson

      Probably because he was more of a thick power guy and didn’t have all the chiseld Abs like the male models they put on here.