Most Potential Out Of The Shield, Why Sting/WWE Won't Die, Punk's Future, Mount Rushmore Of Divas

Which member of The Shield do you think has the most potential?

This is a question that's too early to answer because we haven't seen enough of any of them. Roman Reigns is the greenest of the trio as Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have already had runs as top guys in other promotions (Dragon Gate USA and Ring of Honor respectively), however, Reigns has a great look. WWE's developmental system is very well stocked and these are three of the best. Take a look at WWE's top prospects from the original Nexus and you can see more of what I'm talking about.

Richard, why is it that most internet wrestling fans think Sting would want to go to WWE? The question of him leaving TNA for the WWE comes up every year and is answered the same way every year. He stays where he is. Why risk what he has created over 25+ years for the potential of VKM burying him like so many other former WCW or TNA talents?

The reason it comes up is because there is continually interest from both WWE and Sting. The closest they ever got was two years ago when Sting nearly signed to do a Wrestlemania program with Undertaker. Sting is 53-years-old and he knows he's at the end of his career and it's coming down to the final chance. I'm not saying it would ever happen but the fact of the matter is there is legitimate interest from both sides, not just members of the IWC clamoring over a dream match.

With CM Punk being ruled out of the TLC PPV, do you see him defending his WWE Championship before the Royal Rumble?

As I reported here, the outlook of CM Punk's injury is good. My wife is a Registered Nurse and told me normal recovery time for arthroscopic knee surgery is about six weeks. CM Punk felt like he could work in under two but WWE didn't want to take the risk. The company has pseudo promoted Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE title at Royal Rumble for months so I look for them to be very careful with him before then.

What's your Mount Rushmore for WWE Divas?

I used to hate this question for WWE wrestlers but when I included it, a great discussion ensued. Everyone is open to their own opinion but my Mount Rushmore of WWE Divas would be Tammy Sytch, Trish Stratus, "Sensational" Sherri Martel and Mae Young. Tammy Sytch created the modern day Diva, Trish is my pick for the top women's wrestler in the history of the business, while Sherri and Mae created opportunities that paved the way for them to be successful.

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  • Spike westphal

    They could of got ryback to face a substitute like Orlando Jordan did a few years ago when jbl was wwe champion

  • Miles

    Surely they can see the $$$ in having sting work mania build up and mania with taker but still stay with tna? If only tna and wwe could work together constructively, inter promotional rivalry in the ring ensures compelling television

    • Pluto

      No thanks on Taker/Sting. I'll take Taker/Cena or Taker/Lesnar everyday of the week over a Taker/Sting match.No reason for Sting too be brought in at this point unless he's gonna just be inducted into the HOF.

  • Leo Devlin

    I think all three of them modafogas are gonna get to the main event level just like when Evolution came around.

    ‘Cept it was just Bautista and that moron Orton. Dean Ambrose is just a great talker, I’ve watched his stuff and that dude is a splitting image of Piper. Also I watched his match against Regal from FCW and that boy can go! Seth Rollins is like the illegitimate brother of CM Punk but I see a babyface run for him cuz he’s got that like able face just like Justin Gabriel. Then there’s Roman Reigns, do ya think he’s got some Rock in him? Of used right all three will be big stars no doubt.

    • HOGAN

      Rock & Roman Reigns are nothing alike, the only thing they have in common is that they have Samoan in them.

    • A2H

      Dude, we ve already read what JR had to say, no reason to repeat that as if u just discovered sth

  • Kevin

    Miss Elizabeth?

  • marcus

    How about Trish Stratus, The Fabulous Moolah, Miss Elizabeth, and Mae Young.

  • opie

    For real. The First Lady of Wrestling has to be up there. I’m not too big on the inclusion of Mae. I think Moolah would make more sense, but i can’t really call either of them divas. What about sweet, sweet Sapphire?

    • Izblack

      LOL I remember Sapphire (God rest her soul) she was Dusty's valet

  • Pluto

    Trish Stratus, Miss Elizabeth, The Fabulous Moolah & Sunny.

    And whoever told Richard that VKM buries guys from WCW/ECW have not really been paying attention at all. Guerreo, Benoit, Mysterio received the pushes of a life time under VKM. Booker T received a huge push as well in 2006 as King Bookah. RVD received a huge push as well in 06 and messed that up by smoking weed (no fault on VKM) and guys like Punk & Bryan are receiving monster pushes as well and they are Indy guys. This whole Myth about McMahon burying guys from other promotions is one of the dumbest things a fan can say.

    • ericdraven86

      VKM will push people that draw, regardless of where they came from. That said, he may make it tougher for those that were made elsewhere. Booker did have a good run in '06, but that was after 3+ years of the average-mediocre booking he had to work through. RVD received that big push because they needed to have an ECW champion, they needed that first champ to be an ECW alum, and he was the biggest ECW star they had that was still wrestling & over.

      • Gary

        RVD going over Cena for the title in the Ballroom was epic.

  • eddie27

    Lita has to be on there

    • Nostaljack

      Khama was barely there. She doesn’t belong.

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Lita, kharma, trish, moolah

    • the arbiter

      Wait, that wasnt such a bad list. Are people just voting down Jambos posts out of instinct these days?

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Is it me or roman reigns looks like a younger version of kevin nash?

  • jchoff1

    To me undertaker vs sting would be a let down. He is most likely retiring after next years wrestlemania. So he has to face either punk , cena or lesnar . Any of these matches would be better then him facing sting. I think these matches would draw big. Real big

    • Pluto

      Taker/Cena at WM30 needs too happen.

      • Jimmy

        If they had Taker/HBK and then Taker/HHH only to be followed up by Taker/Cena in Undertaker's last match, i would probably kill myself

  • Steve


    • GODSENT83

      Thanks for the laugh

  • Lebron James

    My Mt. Rushmore of Divas would have Trish Stratus, Lita, The Fabulous Moolah, and Mae Young. People forget that Lita changed the game for all female wrestlers. She was the first of her kind.

  • Superfly

    Divas mean means modern to me.

    Trish, Sable, Lita and Sunny

    Women's all time Moolah, Trish, Madusa and Wendy Richter

    • BigMike7302

      I would have Sherri on there in place of Wendy AND madusa

      Trish SUnny SHerri and either Mae or Moolah

  • Patrick_OToole

    I'd like to go see anything with Trish on it…

  • I’m also wondering why Mae Young over Moolah, Elizibeth, or even Wendy Richter?

  • ben

    moolah, trish, sytch, miss elizabeth

  • opie

    Kharma? Really? I’d put Chyna up there a thousand times before Kharma. Kharma may be a great wrestler, but she’s not even a blip on the timeline of great divas.

  • opie

    I just don’t know about Sting and Taker. They’re a combined 100 years old. Taker’s had some of the best matches of his career the past few years, but he can’t be in great shape these days. Sting’s a total parody of himself these days. He’s 53, and does nothing but recycle painted up movie characters into gimmicks. He’s never been anything more than the best of a bad situation. The pinnacle of his career was the 18 months he spent NOT wrestling.

  • David

    I agree with everybody who say's Miss Elizabeth.

    • Andrew

      She didn’t wrestle

      • Nathen

        Neither did Sunny.

      • Cream of the crop

        Doesn't matter, she was a diva and was as over has any babyface in the 80s

  • Whammaster

    Trish is the easy choice for me, same with Moolah and Mae Young. However the 4th spot is really up in the air.

  • Thomas

    Truth is, the sting of today and undertaker of today wouldn't be as good as people would think. Don't get me wrong, both of them are some of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the business but time has taken it's toll on both of them. It would attract a large audience, it would look great on paper but I feel it would be a lesnar vs goldberg match. Looks amazing on paper, sounds amazing…ends up being lackluster. Turn the clock back 10 years and it would be a match for the ages!

    As for the divas of mt rushmore, id say trish, miss elizabeth, moolah and mae yonge. Though I'm sure theres a joke somewhere about trish and her personal mt rushmore if you know what i mean 😉

  • partyjereme

    I'd replace Sherri & Mae Young with the Fabulous Moolah and either Miss Elizabeth, Sable or Wendi Richter, although Sable & Richter's time in the WWE might of been to short to be included on a list like this.

    • Pluto

      Sable doesn't belong

      • partyjereme

        Sable was one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE during the early years of the Attitude Era, man or woman. That is why I also said that her time in the WWE was probably to short to be included on a list like this.

  • scott seefong

    miss congeniality should be on that list.

  • BigMike7302

    Mae was stronger and in the start of her career actually fought MEN and WON!!! Moolah started as a valet then wrestled and is the longest reigning champion in the history of the business(( male OR female)) Trish really helped launch the Divas division AND was the face of said division from its inception and Yes Tammy was "the first diva" but she was more eye candy as she was a valet/ manager unlike the others who got in the ring and competed. and Sherri was a champion in every promotion in which she competed – canada, AWA, WWF and then became a manager/ Valet for HBKwhen he first went solo and she REALLY helped his career in WCW she was manager for Harlem Heat for a time SHerri IMO was the link between old school and the start of the Diva

  • BigMike7302

    I have been watching Jon Moxley/ dean Ambrose for awhile – ever since I saw him in Heartland Wrestling(( les thantcher – Cincinnati)) where he was called a "wrestling prodigy" he has the look the mic skills and the moves Seth is good as well and the other guy needs some work but has a good look
    BUT IMO Ambrose is the star of that group HANDS DOWN

  • Ken

    Mike McGuirk, Sapphire, Santina Marella, and Hervina Whippleman

  • Tim

    Good Rushmore but I would still take out sunny for lita

  • Jimmy

    Aksana, Kharma, Vickie Guerrero & Santina Marrella

  • Joe

    Moolah, trish, sable and madusa

  • Trish Mae sunny and lita