Mouthpieces Crucial?, TNA's Big Free Agent Signing, Axel Tainted?, Punk vs. Jericho

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Would you agree having a mouthpiece is crucial for particular superstars to get heat or to get over? I believe Alberto Del Rio would not be over with the crowd if it wasn't for Ricardo Rodriguez's introduction and Curtis Axel would not have any heat if it wasn't for Paul Heyman.

Mouthpieces are important for workers that can't talk, however, they aren't needed in every situation. Chris Jericho doesn't need a mouthpiece and can get over on his own. CM Punk doesn't need a mouthpiece but Paul Heyman does nothing but enhance his gimmick. Then you look at a worker like Jack Swagger and he wouldn't be anywhere without the stellar mic work of Zeb Colter. It's really a case by case situation. They are crucial in certain situations and an added bonus in others. Ryback would benefit tremendously with a mouthpiece, The Shield is fine without one.

Was Quinton "Rampage" Jackson the "big free agent signing" that Dixie Carter was hyping on Twitter?

Yes, I can now confirm the "big free agent signing" that Dixie Carter was hyping was in fact Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. The IWC is already killing this because "he's not a wrestler," etc., etc. However, I'm going to defend Dixie on this one. What were people expecting? Steve Austin? Dave Batista? Rampage isn't a wrestler but he's a big name and someone that people have interest in. He's a bigger name than a lot of the wrestlers people were mentioning such as Shelton Benjamin or John Morrison and should help Spike, Bellator and of course TNA Wrestling. Spike TV is hosting a media conference call today to announce the signing and we'll have full coverage from it.

Are these count out wins actually TAINTING the introduction of Curtis Axel to WWE? People know these are not real wins by pinfall/submission, even if they are against top stars. I'd rather he beat jobbers cleanly and show his talents then get questionable/count out wins.

I actually like the fact that Curtis Axel can claim he's undefeated so he can write stuff like this on Twitter:

This is planting the seed for him to be a very recognizable heel and this is what being a heel is all about. Mowing through enhancement talent is only going to make the crowd chant "Goldberg." I actually thought Axel looked good in the ring against John Cena on Raw this past Monday night and let's not forget what he's done on Smackdown against Sin Cara.

Will Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk be a transitional bout?

By transitional bout I take it you mean start a feud outside of these two and that is certainly a possibility. We heard WWE was considering a Jericho vs. Curtis Axel program before CM Punk's return was announced. The wheels of that program were put into motion on this week's Smackdown, however, we're just going to have to wait and see how it happens. A Jericho vs. Punk bout is fantastic and I will be excited to see it.

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  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    This whole thing with Jericho and Punk is very tricky because Jericho is a Babyface right now and you can’t sit there and tell me that Punk is gonna get booed when he shows up in Chicago. The roof is gonna blow up much like it did a couple of years ago at the MITB ppv. Where is that gonna leave Jericho? I guess I’m trying to say is I’m having a hard time believing in this match. Just two week ago Jericho was heavily involved in a feud with FAAAANNNDAAAANNNGOOOO and now out of the blue he wants Punk? This is a prime example of how lazy these writers are at creating a great start to a feud. In my humble opinion the very best start to a feud that I’ve ever witness was the Stone Cold-Triple H feud that started a year earlier where Austin was run down by Rikishi and then slowly but surely it unfolded with HHH as the mastermind. And lately feuds are done in such a lazy and careless ways its week this guy is feuding with this guy, then the next week he’s feuding with that guy and then Ina month he’s feuding with another guy, it’s just not well thought out anymore.

    • Mr. Mr.


      • _009!

        Lmao your comment is epic!

  • Dave Barton

    I think the focus with Curtis Axel (how I wish it were Axel Curtis instead!) is not that he’s beating top names, as much as it is that top names aren’t able to beat him. Its a little bit of a twist to make his undefeated streak different, and I like it. I just think the time needs to come soon when he starts making decisive wins (pins & submissions) rather than default wins (countouts and dqs). Otherwise, I enjoy his ring work…reminds me very much of his dad.

    • Jbreed

      Or maybe Curtis Axel was used just to set up a new McMahon family storyline and to further John Cena and Ryback’s feud. Then again they still count as official wins against the boss’ grandson and the company’s golden boy and Triple H is high on Axel so maybe these wins do mean something. Who knows in the WWE?

      • Loren Goldstein

        Who is “the boss’ grandson”?

        • Jbreed

          My mistake…son in law

          • Loren Goldstein


  • _JIM_

    I think that Curtis Axel’s win streak of count outs and DQ’s helps him get over as a heel. Bragging about wins like that is very “heelish” and will make the fans hate him for bragging about non-pinfall or submission wins over their favorites. Sooner or later he will have to start picking up some legit wins over enhancement guys, but until then I think this is a great way to get him over as a heel. It just amplifies the heat he gets automatically from being involved with Paul E. His in-ring work has been really good so far also. So when they do decide to start feeding him enhancement workers his wins will come off more believbale because he’s had such good showings against the top guys he’s already faced.

  • cobra

    Anyone think that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will be in a tag team match with Hulk Hogan at Bound For Glory?

  • craig

    i will continue to turn off the tv when Axel is on raw until he actually gets a non countout/dq win.

    • tna

      watch this weeks smackdown ,ill say no more

    • Jesse Sherwood

      He already has two on Smackdown against Sin Cara.

  • Chris

    Rampage was their big signing??? What a joke!!! But so is TNA!!!

  • Nostaljack

    I promise I’m not trying to be difficult but I absolutely *love* this sentence: “Remember questions with proper spelling and grammar *standing* the best chance of getting answered”. LOLOLOLOL!!!

    • Jbreed

      I hadn’t noticed!

      • Nostaljack

        Besides the syntax-shattering, did you also catch the punctuation error?

        • [email protected]. If you notice a typo, email me. Why is that so hard?

          • Nostaljack

            Because it isn’t that serious. Grammar doesn’t matter as much to me as it does to you. I found it funny…LOL!

          • Adrian

            You’re a bit rude to your customers, aren’t you. Try and lighten up a little.

          • Loren Goldstein

            Have you seen how rude his customers are to him?

          • Rude because I explained the proper way to report a typo? Send me an email, I’ll fix immediately. Post something here, I may see it, I may not.

  • Yappey

    Rampage hasn’t being relevant in years. It might of being a good idea right after he left UFC, now it’s kind of useless. He is gonna get killed by the young talent in bellator. Bad signing.

  • jdl

    Rampage is not a big deal anymore, he hasn’t been since he killed his MMA career by trying to imitate Mr T. He’s coming off three straight losses and has only won two of his last six fights. His relevancy in MMA is at an all time low, and looking back on it King Mo provided no boosts to TNA’s ratings and he was a big up and comer in MMA at the time. People are not going to tune in to see Rampage.

  • John

    I love how people were genuinely excited that TNA might actually sign John Morrison or RVD, yet they are all disappointed that the “big signing” turned out to be “Rampage” Jackson!

    Rampage may not be a “wrestling guy” but he will draw more ratings for TNA than Morrison, RVD and Shelton Benjamin would combined.

    • Jay El Bee

      That’s what people use to say about Hogan but now the ratings are worse than what they were before he joined TNA.

      • John

        I’m not saying Rampage is going to improve TNA’s ratings long term.. Far from it. But it’s still a bigger signing than anything that was rumoured to be the free agent.

  • Scottyo614

    Punk no shows in Chicago and or turns on Heyman, thus Axel faces Jericho setting up Axel vs. Punk at Summerslam? Too easy for WWE to book

  • Razmos

    Had to have his digs at Ryback, i think the count outs make Axel look weak, Ryback ended up being made to look weak because Cena was to banged up to have his fued with CM Punk, so Ryback stepped in, he deserves a bit more credit than what he gets

  • chris

    I diagree Richard. Remember the PacMan jones deal? As soon as non-wrestling celebrity’s find out TNA’s not the big leagues and can’t provide them enough accomodations or media exposure, they’re out the door. This just takes more money away from the young guys.

    • Jones didn’t work because the Titans shut him down. Dixie Carter just got done talking about that in today’s conference call.

      • Nostaljack

        Pac-Man didn’t work because, once signed to the company, he wasn’t allowed to bump, if I’m not mistaken. If you’re signed to a wrestling promotion, you kinda have to work. Killings did all the work. The Titans issue certainly didn’t help anyone. While this will be a totally different thing because Rampage will be able to wrestle, I still doubt this’ll be much to write home about.