Mr. Anderson Puts Over CM Punk/R-Truth, Reveals Personal Beef With John Cena, Discusses His WWE Departure

The Void out of the United Kingdom has a new interview online with Mr. Anderson. In it, he discusses on what led to his WWE departure, his thoughts on CM Punk and what he thinks about John Cena and Randy Orton.  Below is an excerpt:

So you haven’t seen any of the CM Punk stuff?
That I have seen, and there’s a case of letting a guy be himself and do his own thing, and he either sinks or swims of his own accord. I’m an old-school guy; if someone has an idea let them try it – if it works, great; if it doesn’t work, then you take them off TV. But you know, at that level, everyone’s good enough that they’re not going to go out there and just be awful. But you’re not really allowed to do that at WWE.

Over there, you have somebody literally sitting there telling you ‘Okay, you’re going to lock up with this guy, then you’re going to back him into the corner, you’re going to throw a punch, he’s gonna duck it, he’s gonna light you up and send you off, you reverse him but he’ll ditch you with a hip toss…’. Here it’s like, ‘Here you go guys, now go put your match together’, and then they will enhance it or add to it or say ‘Maybe you should do this instead?’ And that’s the difference and it’s very beneficial to the performer to work in an environment like that.

At TNA everyone is treated like an adult. You’re not an idiot, and you can think for yourself. At WWE, only certain guys are treated like that. Punk is one of them, Truth is another guy who seems to only be given bullet points as far as his promos go, and in my opinion, those guys are doing tremendous work.

You can tell when the other guys are reading it off a script, because they’re not actors. They’re trying to play actors and what’s on that paper is not necessarily what’s in their heart, and it comes across as hokey, phony, pre-planned BS.

Do you class John Cena under that category?
I’m not a huge fan.

Why not?
Besides some personal burials that have taken place… I’m just not a huge fan.

It sounds like the backstage politics are tough to negotiate.
It’s insane. If you do something wrong, no one will tell you you did something wrong. They’ll smile to your face and say everything’s fine, but… I’m an adult, if I did something wrong, come to me and tell me I did something wrong or am doing something wrong and I will work to change that, but I’m not a mind reader! But over there, it’s just a huge game and you’re constantly being mind-f---ed.

One of the things that the fans believe you had to go through is Randy Orton being responsible for you leaving WWE.
(Sighs) I’ve never said that, I don’t know where it started, it’s the telephone game at its finest. He definitely was the final straw, but by no means did I say he was the reason for me getting fired. I’ve said it time and time again, I was to blame for me being fired. I made the mistakes, I did the things I shouldn’t have done, I said things I shouldn’t have said. And that’s it.

I was injured a few times at the hands of others and rather than come back and bury those individuals and point fingers and say ‘He hurt me in a match,’ I just came back and said ‘You know what? This is wrestling, it’s not ballet, I got hurt. Period’. Meanwhile, when I was off rehabbing, people were saying I’m injury-prone.

If I take a sledgehammer to your knee, that doesn’t make you injury-prone. If I smash you in the face with a baseball bat, that doesn’t make you injury-prone. I just happened to be in a couple of situations like that, and wasn’t around to defend myself when those burials were taking place. And then – on top of that – I said the things that I said and I did the things that I did, and the final straw was when I supposedly dropped Randy on his head, and I think at that point Vince just said ‘I’ve had enough of it’.

There were certain guys, and there were three or four of them, that were lobbying for a long time [to get rid of me] and he finally gave into it and said enough’s enough.

Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

  • MsMojoRisin

    i must be the only fan who agrees with anderson about cena

    • Chris

      Yes. You are the only one. Because you are that special. No one else has the same opinion as you. Stay unique, bro!

    • sforester

      You're not the only one, my dear rookie. I'm a fan of Cena the person, but Cena the character is UGH.

      • XKonn247

        Then surely you disagree? Anderson is saying he’s not a fan of Cena the person.

  • steve2

    I guess there won’t be a mr kennedy return…..

  • kevin

    I do too

  • BigMike

    True Cena's Persona DEFINATELY needs a refresh I like his work he puts on a show like him or not give that to him AND his work with Make a Wish makes him a true class act in that manner I like his mean streak when he is allowed to use it IE the I quit matches

  • AntGilroy

    Sour grapes cuz he wasn’t that good?

  • Msuth

    So what all happened that he got fired from wwe?

    • BollyMexCPhT

      Mr. Anderson (Kennedy) supposedly botched a backdrop on Orton during a tag match.

  • larry

    no, the wrestling business i all about competion, and alot of time talent doesnt hit the lvl they should or could have hit, because your competing with other wrestlers just to find a spot, and hold it, randall has derailed so many pushes its not funny, but do u notice its guys smaller than him, not guys the same height or bigger though, Randy is a punk bully, well he was, and wwe says its stands for anti bullying. Kofi is mid card hell because of randall, and look his career is crap now, tagging with a guy who doesnt care about his career. i love anderson because he opened up. I was hopeing one day kenndy would grace us with a return to wwe , but screw it he is happy, and i watch tna every week. You got a life long fan anderson…………. anderson.

    • Gary

      Kofi is a mid carder because he sux and because hes not the type of wrestler or someone Vince wants his guys to have be be a top guy. And funny Kennedy even says Randy didnt ruin his push ort WWE stay yet you still say he has derailed so many guys' pushes.

      Please name a few for me .It wasnt just Orton that never liked working w/ Mr. A–hole(literally and figuratively).He was reckless,injury prone and untrustworthy to work with.

      • Richard

        The fact that he buried two wrestler (Kingston and Anderson) aren't enough. I'm not a big fan of his but if Mr. Anderson is so reckless and injury prone then why hasn't he injured anyone on TNA? If he is so injury prone then why hasn't he been injured in TNA?

    • XKonn247

      This is the same Randy Orton who stood up to Triple H and Shawn Michaels when they were roasting Umaga over the colours of his outfit.

      • Richard

        Was this before or after the accepted him into "the clique"?

  • Tee Grey

    Well said, I couldnt agree more with Andersons attitude twards this, and Cena is just a modern day hulk hogan being fed everything with a silver spoon. Orton too but damn he is a good wrestler….

    • Bob

      Orton has been moving very robotic lately. It’s like he is just running through the motions and becoming another Cena.

      • Dave

        Orton make's it seem realistic at least, you saw how fake Cena's expression was last monday?

  • Arav

    Very professional stuff from Anderson here. He could have easily elaborated on what Cena and Orton did to 'bury' him and try to turn people against them. Say what you want about him, but at least he doesnt throw fellow wrestllers under the bus.

  • Suppose that "Kennedy-Anderson" was jealous of Cena's success. Not a big souvenir of Kennedy. Certainly not top class.Middle class wrestler just good for TNA. Hope it will not never come back in WWE.

    • XKonn247

      I swear that is the oldest excuse in pro wrestling. “Just jealous of so-and-so’s success”. Maybe he just doesn’t like the guy? People are calling Anderson mid card blah blah blah, if not for the ironic injury he was set to become WWE champion with his MITB.

  • Jamie Mullen

    Cena is pushing someone like Ryder because he isn’t threated by him I mean why are people the similar build of cena and orton not pushed (swagger Kingston?) yet the current people getting pushed are small (ziggler punk bryan) or massively big (show Henry clay)

    • Richard

      I think people are tired of seeing the same kind of champs and WWE knows that. Specifically, the people who you are talking about were given big pushes but got buried for different reasons. Swagger had the championship twice but was buried because of his ego and Kofi was in a feud with Ortonbut was buried because Orton said he "wasn't ready". It almost seemed as if Kofi was going to be fired, because his merchandise went on sale at WWE shop but I think it was because his ring attire changed with the inception of Air Boom.