Mr. McMahon Returning To WWE TV On Next Week's Raw Supershow

WWE has announced that Mr. McMahon will return to Raw Supershow next Monday to "evaluate" the job performance of John Laurinaitis.

The company will tape next week's Raw Supershow next Monday from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at

  • H.M.

    McMahon's in a position to do that? Wasn't he 'fired' by HHH last year? Or will they re-evaluate that angle and reconcile it with current storylines? .-.

    Looking forward anyway.

    • McHale138

      I think he was fired as the CEO but is still the Owner according to the story line.

    • Howie Wowie

      Hey was let go by triple h as COO, but I would think as CEO, he could still do that on behalf of the board.

    • Michael

      He's the chairman of the board, so he's like the voice of the Board of Directors, while HHH still does all of the other stuff.

    • John Howard

      His power on RAW was taken not all of it.

    • Myra

      hes still CEO that never changed

  • Gary

    Fire him!!!!!!

  • rob

    He owns wwe he do what he wan do

  • Alex


  • jonathon212

    vince mcmahon was fired by the board last year, so how could he evaluate anything when in kayfabe he doesnt have a job ?

    • Callum

      No, he had his control of raw taken away it’s his company still and is the chairman and has control of what happens in WWE

  • Heather


  • fire him I think.

  • To further Big Johnny’s Heel Status Mr. McMahon will Give Him a 10/10 review and he will get Booed and things will be predictable 91.9% of the Time.

  • smithmiester

    Were we all supposed to forget he was “fired” by triple h?

  • Ricky

    Storyline he's still the WWE Chairman of the Board.

  • jeziyo

    Screw you johnny, you’re fired

  • Randy Dickens,Deaf

    I would like to asking Vinne McMahon that Please, Let John Laurinatitis get Fired!!!! I want Teddy get Return back His General Manager, Because I real like Teddy. So He is good Guy. Thanks,Randy

  • David F

    Big Johnny should join the Kiss my ass club!!

    • Terra Ryzing


  • Kellen

    Probably he will tell Laurinitis that his services are no longer required.
    Probably he will be involved in the Lesnar/HHH feud alongside him.

  • Dangerous Lee

    I remember leaving a job interview, then when I got into my car I turn on my cd player, and the song that played was “no chance”…. Lol. I never did get that job, but I ended up getting a better one. Anyways, carry on…..

  • Michael413

    Even tho Vince was “fired” last year, and HHH in the same fashion, I think creative changed what they were exactly fired from with the hopes of the fans just forgetting what had happened. I believe we are now supposed to believe they were relieved of their “duties” of running weekly tv tapings but not their executive positions.

    • Razmos01

      If you watched when that happened you would know that HHH told Vinve he was RELIEVED OF HIS DUTIES as COO, you cant fire the owner of the company!!!!!!

  • skeeber04

    Flairs gona take his spot

  • Dave

    The John lauranitis angle is so damn over done. Why are they giving a guy who can’t talk, can’t wrestle and blows his own story lines so much air time??? I just change the channel. WWE is getting stale!!! Bring back the bigger athletic guys. I’m tired of seeing guys who look like they’d get they’re ass kicked by a normal guy walking down the street.

  • KingJamsie

    I love when WWE ignores past storylines & logic. We are all obviously stupid.

  • Danny

    Didnt vinnie mac come back to relieve triple h of his “running raw” duties to give johnny the job in the first place????

  • AJG316


  • Frenchfry


  • guest

    Johhy should get fired next monday night with a few others…. like The big show, eve & david.

    • Angel

      John Laurinatitis, your fired….

  • Justin G

    As much as we would love it. Johnny won’t get fired just yet



  • Logan_Walker

    He Was Never Fired, He Was Just Relieved of Many Of His Duty's and they were given to COO Triple H

  • Sean

    And hate to burst your bubbles guys and gals.. Vince does not own WWE.. Linda does… It was part of the steroid scandal lawsuit judgement… But he runs it.. That’s why there is such an issue with Linda and the senate race..

  • Sean

    Also Johnny will not get fired… He is to over as the heel gm..

  • Robert Kraus

    They will not fire Johnny Boy the store line is playing to well for them and everone watches each week to see what he will do next

  • luckyrenzo

    I have a feeling Vince will take his pants down and Johnny will have to Kiss Mr. McMahon ass on TV to keep his job like he made the Big Show beg for his job then tell him he is going to smackdown

  • Randall

    I can only say PLEASE FIRE big Johhny and take that puppet in the sweater with him