Mr. McMahon To Give "State Of WWE" Address On Monday's Raw

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WWE announced in a kayfabe article here on dot com Friday afternoon that Vince McMahon will appear on next Monday's WWE Raw for a "State of WWE" address.

The article teases what McMahon thinks of the "job" AJ Lee has done as Raw General Manager.

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  • Ken

    State of the WWE address? I think I can sum that up in a couple of words.

    I won't, but I could.

  • lloyd Clarke

    ooooo it’s gona take more than just VKM appearing.
    I’ll still watch every week but would like to not fast forward most of 😉

  • Aly

    Do you think he will announce that RAW is going back to two hours?

  • Mr Cleo

    State of the wwe? how about state of getting your ratings back past 3.0, getting that monkey linda off your back, (senate race) non pg programming (pg-13)

    • Kris Hardy

      Please pronounce the ratings correctly. It's not "PG-13," WWE is not a movie. The correct rating is "TV-14."

  • H.M.

    Maybe Raw's now going back to two hours. Don't know; just a guess.

  • Bill

    we’re returning to the attitude era

    • Code

      attitude era was already well enough defined maybe bring back that ruthless aggression stuff from early 2000

  • Ryan

    Maybe vince himself will try raise the ratings single handly

    • Code

      sounds like the famous Vince McMahon ego

  • Jeremiah

    I'll tell ya what he should think, and that is that he had better start developing a new star. He also needs to give John Cena a character change (I don't care if he is heel/face, he needs a change), or if he can't manage to pull that off keep him off tv for at least 8 months and work on developing another star. Give us more compelling/edge of your seats storylines for god's sake. It ain't that hard to do! Also, put some dang logic/thought into the storylines.

    • izblack

      Maybe he’s coming back too tell Punk too stop crying & bitching about getting no respect.

      • Evon Reese

        @izblack that would be worth watching. LMAO

    • A.C.

      He also needs to give Tensai a character change or take him off of Raw and Smackdown. I'm not saying fire him, but I know I'm not the only person who is tired of seeing him every. Any body miss Albert?

  • Did none of you read the part in the article about AJ? Maybe Vince will fire her?

    • KVB

      Yes that is most likely going to happen. Maybe she will crawl around the ring naked barking like a dog like trish did lol lol

      • Rodrigo

        Ooh she would look sexy naked!…..

  • Ray

    Vince McMahon ” storylines that matter and raw is being pushed back to 2 hours with a 3 hour special before ppv’s and at least a pg-14 ppv once a year at least” problems solved!

  • Justin

    My take of it is the rating's are so low. That He has something big planned that will get some people to watch raw again. I hope its something to do with some change to the pg rating cause raw goes on at 8 to 11 alot of kids are in bed at we mite finally see some edger story lines for adults. alot of use fans are sick of the hughing and the little jimmys im 24 i dont want to be treated like a kid watching raw. if vince has the balls like he use to talk about LOL he will finally give the wwe some attitude again but its all up to vince. i hope to god vince does this for all of use.

    • Leo

      Lol “the grapefruits”

  • Brandon

    Vince ” Starting next Monday Raw is going 4 hours!!!” Brought to you by Nick Jr

    • Mark5467

      Haha awesome

    • King

      Lmao!! Nice!!

  • Monty

    Work on having simultaneous meaningful storylines. Seperate the brands so there can be more storylines around the mid card & tag titles & the “headline” feuds don’t get diluted or lose steam too quick.

  • Tom

    I’m tired of the whole Punk Cena storyline. Really wish they would have let The Jericho or Bryan feuds go a few PPVs longer so Punk could go straight from Cena to Rock. You know the PPV before the rumble they are gonna do Punk vs Cena one last time for the right to face the Rock and that’s going to be way too long.

    Best booking would be for Cena to come back for He’ll in a Cell, have Ryback cost him the match and then do Brock, Punk, Ryback vs Cena and others at survivor series. Heyman team wins and he’s GM and Cena team wins AJ keeps her job

  • Leonard

    He is going to name Paul Heymen the new GM of Raw

  • Me.

    State of the a**clowns running the show backstage would be much more appropriate.

  • Wwe4L76

    Vince; we suck. We are a bad kids show. So from this day Wwe is no more! I take all the money and leave! Suckers!

    • sweeeeeet


  • AntGilroy

    Give McMahon respect!

  • Frenchfry

    I love how this website empowers all the people above me into thinking that they know more than Vince McMahon… funny stuff

    • Mark5467

      AKA Armchair CEOs

  • Razmos01

    WWE could get away with stopping PG on Raw, use smackdown, saturday morning slam and the new main event show for pg stuff!!

  • James

    It’s taken long enough eventually viewers are switching off, hopefully this will be the foot up his ass VKM needs.

  • Howard Stern

    Make new GM, have Vince come in to fire them—> appoint new GM, have Vince come in to fire them—-> ya know

  • Shawn

    I mr McMahon have just purchased TNA impact wrestling