Mr. T Elated Over WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

Mr. T Tweeted the following about his 2014 induction into the WWE Hall of Fame:

You can watch his Hall of Fame induction video at this link or embedded below:

WWE leaked the news of Mr. T's induction before officially announcing it on Monday afternoon.

  • Guest

    This years Hall od Fame is looking stacked and not one to miss. I pity the fool that does.

    • chris

      the washed up has been should be grateful that wwe is giving him a PAY DAY in 2014.
      this guy thought he was “king ” in the 1980’s and then he disappeared once directors realized that he could not act his way out of a paper bag and only play so called tough guys who can barely put complete sentences together.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Hater jealous because you can’t handle wearing that much gold?
        Mr. T is awesome and pities fools like you

        • Matt

          Mr T was absolutely gold in the 80s. I just watched Rocky 3 last week. My favorite Rocky movie and his performance is 80% of the reason. Very well deserved entrant into the HOF especially given how he helped in a HUGE way get Wrestlemania and WWE over with ALL audiences.

          • Bob’s Diner

            That is the most agreeable thing you have ever written.
            He was perfect in Rocky III and was absolutely vital to WrestleMania. Like Mick Foley said in that promo video, you probably could have done without all the other celebrities but Mr. T was a huge star and absolutely brought the mainstream publicity needed to make it a success.

          • chris

            the key word is that mr. t WAS a huge star in the 1980’s. however, it is 2014 and the only reason that this “fool” is accepting the invitation to the wwe hof is that wwe gave him the money compensation that he was asking for just to show up and smile for the cameras.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Oh wow, how dare he. Not like he gave WWE anything except help make WrestleMania a household name. And not like there are less deserving and less famous ‘celebrities’ in the WWE Hall of Fame. Nor does he still have a large cult following to this very day…

            Keep hating!

          • John

            You could say the same thing for Hulk Hogan! Or Ric Flair! Or Ultimate Warrior.

  • sdunne87

    This years Hall of Fame is looking stacked and not one to miss. I pity the fool that does.

  • Dave Barton

    I could be mistaken, but didn’t I read recently that he willingly passed on a 2009 induction? And if so, wouldn’t that make all his “Thank you everybody” tweets pretty silly?

    • Dave Barton

      Here ya go…skip ahead to 5:12.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Not really any different to Bruno Sammartino going in after YEARS of bashing it as much as possible. People say they don’t want it, they get offered money and who knows what else, and go in. Then fans start showing love for it and they say thanks. I think he deserves to go in and he is right – he should have gone in before Pete Rose, a man whose claim to the hall of fame is getting booed, tombstoned by Kane, then coming back a year later and doing the same in a chicken suit.