Mr T, Scott Hall & Lita Comment On Sudden Death Of Ultimate Warrior

We covered the comments of Jake Roberts on the passing of The Ultimate Warrior here on

Below is what other members of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014 had to say about his sudden death:

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  • MercuryIsGod

    As unfortunate as that may be, Scott Hall’s words are true. If you had to bet, you would have placed your life savings on the passing of either Jake Roberts or Scott Hall before Ultimate Warrior.

    At least, now, depending on your beliefs, he may be back with his friends Owen Hart, Randy Savage, Rick Rude, and a few others, to talk about the old days.

    I see many similar details between Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior. When they passed away, they were getting back into the public eye, and they were doing things for the WWE. Their lives seemed to be in order. They had both made peace with Hulk Hogan, privately. It is not confirmed, but my belief is that they both died the same way. It is fitting that they were my favourites, especially because of their amazing rivalry.

    They had respect for each other, and it showed in their performances. How Randy Savage truly elevated Ultimate Warrior was honourable. Those five finishers that Randy performed on Warrior before Warrior kicked out helped make Warrior look invincible, and the way that he let him pin him with only one foot – it is my belief that, understandably, to protect his character, Hulk Hogan would never have allowed anyone to do that.

    Randy Savage is the one who truly immortalized The Ultimate Warrior, and the way that Ultimate Warrior beat him up – like no one ever did – it left Randy Savage at the mercy of Sensational Sherri, and ultimately, the reunion with Miss Elizabeth that people still mention 23 years later.

    • thepowerserge

      My thoughts exactly (minus the Hogan part).

  • vickie’s lover

    did MR. T siad “MOTHER” ?? .. #RIPwarrior

  • bearone7777

    I loved watching him when I was younger—WOW OH WOW, what a lousy way to end a week!!!!

  • MercuryIsGod

    I forgot to mention something. I do not wish to see Warrior rest in peace.

    I remember his own words. I will paraphrase, but I remember his saying that he wished that Randy Savage – someone that he truly loved – would now live in some kind of “Mad Max” world, where he would be able to live with the same intensity that he loved, complete with the stress and pressure that made him who he was – and made him push himself. He also said something like, a peaceful world would not work for him, either.

    So, Warrior, wherever you may be, I hope that you are not resting in peace at all. This is simply not you.

    Feel the power. Always believe.