Too Much Too Fast For Paige, John Cena In TNA, WWE Dragging Out Title Situation, Live Event Refunds

I don't agree with how Paige was given the WWE Divas Championship immediately upon being called up to the main roster. There are other Divas that have paid their dues, such as Natalya, that have earned the opportunity. What are your thoughts?

The thinking behind hot-shotting Paige to the WWE Divas Championship was that the audience was already familiar with her work in NXT and she would get a big rub from beating AJ Lee. The experiment hasn't worked out and as we reported here at, WWE hasn't been happy with the Divas division in the absence of AJ Lee. I personally feel that pushes without sufficient builds rarely work out and it was too much too fast. I agree there are others, such as Natalya, that have "earned" the opportunity but that's not really how WWE looks at it. Triple H is high up on Alicia Fox and ordered her evaluation. In total, I don't like pushes without build but I don't see it as a situation where championships can be "earned" and the company has to go with what is the most entertaining at the time.

If TNA were to ever have the funds to sign John Cena and he would want to sign with them, what type of reaction do you think he would get? Can you see it being a mixed reaction like he gets now or a huge round of cheers.

This question is the hypothetical of all hypothetical questions. For one, TNA Wrestling couldn't afford to sign John Cena and are in such financial disarray, they're letting talent that they've invested all of their resources in go because they can't pay them. It's amazing to me how little attention is being paid to the demise of TNA. Back to your question, if TNA had the bankroll they had several years ago and could invest heavily into John Cena (and of course he had sufficient interest), I would expect him to get a tremendous babyface reaction. Cena is the top guy in the business and easily the most recognizable out of today's crop of talent. Part of the reason the audience gives him so much heat is because of WWE's reluctance to progress his character. They refuse to change it because it continues to work. However, I could not see Cena working outside of WWE and fully expect him to retire with the company.

Why is WWE dragging out the situation with Daniel Bryan and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

There are several reasons why the company has been very tactful with the future of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. For starters, WWE didn't want to say anything about the future of the title until after Daniel Bryan had surgery. Now that the surgery is done, there has still not been a timetable put on his return and the storyline suggests that he'll surrender the title on next week's Raw. So why not just have him drop the title this week? First of all, there was no way Daniel Bryan was going to be able to fly to London just a few days after neck surgery. Next, WWE expected lower viewership for the show because it aired from tape. While WWE never wants to see viewership drop, they understand a taped episode of Raw is not going to draw the same audience as a live show and that's understood when evaluating the numbers. Lastly, another week buys WWE more time to come with a creative plan that can be executed to help build to the next pay-per-view. I don't know the future of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, however, I know whatever happens, they're going storyline heavy. WWE wants to push The Authority's power and Daniel Bryan's insufficiency. I think they need to tread carefully because Bryan overcame the odds at Wrestlemania and should be treated differently. It would be real easy for the company to fall right back into how they booked Bryan against Randy Orton, nullifying the run up to and at Wrestlemania 30.

Why does WWE occasionally offer refunds at house shows when certain advertised superstars don't appear?

While cards are subject to change, WWE tries to accommodate fans when a top name is unable to appear (something they've done before when John Cena has missed promoted dates and are currently doing on the European tour because of Daniel Bryan). However, you can't just get a refund and return to your seat. If you claim the refund, you have to leave the building and there is a limited time to do so. It's just WWE's way of apologizing for circumstances beyond their control, however, they know the majority of fans are not going to leave.

From the Ask WNW vault…

January 2014: We all know that LeBron James is a wrestling fan, could you see him having a role in WWE after he retires from basketball? - LeBron James is so athletic he could pick his sport and excel at it and yes, I think he would have success in pro wrestling. NBA players have made the transition in the past and WWE would more than welcome King James to their world, however, he’s got plenty left in the tank and is focused on winning NBA titles at the moment. WWE has actually wanted to get LeBron involved in a storyline for a major pay-per-view but the hangup has been with scheduling. The thinking is WWE would have to do it at SummerSlam before the start of the NBA season; however, there is nothing in the works between the two parties at this time.

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  • DW

    I really don’t understand why people are high up on Natalya…maybe it’s the family name. But I don’t care for her mic skills, her facial reactions, or her ability to recover from a botch…she just doesn’t seem to be able to adjust when things don’t go exactly the way they are suppose to. I do agree with the comments on Paige. I never watch NXT so from my perspective I didn’t care nor did I think she was interesting (yet) enough to look her up after she beat AJ.

    And lastly, I can’t believe TNA still has investors. I wonder if they are making profit in some weird way.

    • jdl

      The reasoning is that Natalya can out wrestle every other member of the Diva roster, and she could probably beat most of the under and midcard of the male wrestling roster as well. She’s a ridiculously talented wrestler, if she had settled on MMA over professional wrestling she’d be walking around with a championship belt right now. She’s beautiful, and a talented wrestler, yet she’s never been pushed properly.

    • Vic Jose

      And yet WWE’s investors are crying about the tv deal, they must not have heard of TNA or else they would be damn grateful to be invested in WWE. lol

  • Big Boss Man’s Breakfast

    In my view natalya deserves a good title run. She is by far best female wrestler on roster

    • pow

      No she isn’t,she is strong that’s it.

  • Judas

    The problem I see with Paige is how they had her debut. She was the nxt women’s champion, and was debuting as a face, but she was reluctant to wrestle AJ. The finish also seemed like a fluke win. If she had come out and challenged AJ instead of AJ “bullying” her into a match, and it was an actual match, she would have more credibility amongst the more casual fan.

    • Gary Robert

      That also went fully against AJ’s character. She coddles and tries to avoid losing the belt at every turn, then suddenly just says you can have a shot at the belt right now? It made no sense from a character standpoint.

      • Vic Jose

        Would have been fine if they bothered to let Paige come out and say how she was the undefeated NXT Divas champion and how AJ hadn’t beaten her yet. AJ would have then gotten upset and given her a shot so she could Paige as well but would have lost, or perhaps just gone on vacation with the belt to set up a feud later.

        • Gary Robert

          basically, any other way than how they went about it

    • Alex

      She also had the worst leg sweep finishes in the history of wrestling.

      • Gary Robert

        yeah that was horrible. Just after the match aired, I posted here saying how silly it was to lose on a leg sweep after a historic title run…and i was told that was actually her finisher…just came across looking bad when she did it that night.

    • Vic Jose

      Or if she had fought back and proven herself. You’re right it was a very flukey win.

  • Jbreed

    The diva’s division was in bad shape even when AJ was champion for all those months. Bottom line, it’s not Paige’s fault, it’s the WWE who doesn’t know what it’s doing when it comes to the division.

    • jdl

      Agreed. Paige has little to do with it when AJ essentially squashed all of her opponents save for a select few members of Total Divas and very rarely did the feuds last more than a single match. You can’t blame one worker and the vacation of another for the failure of an entire company to properly develop talents.

      • Vic Jose

        Yeah and they could have handled the whole AJ leaving situation much better, like having her take off with the belt claiming she no longer needed to defend it since he beat everyone and she was going to go on a vacation. Only for WWE to hold a tournament to crown a new Diva’s champion that would build up Paige and set up a feud for later in the summer. Seriously WWE couldn’t come up with this? lol

        • JeanAE

          When Gail Kim debuted in WWE and won the Women’s Title, it made her come off strong… when Paige debuted on the main stage, she was portrayed as weak.
          It would have made sense to portray her as a diva who isn’t up to par with many other divas, surprise a cocky AJ Lee by beating her purely out of luck, and then losing the title the following week against someone who gets serious in the ring. She would have had the strap for a week, and could have built up to a stronger diva.

          Right now they transitioned her from a weak thing to a tough darling in the matter of a few weeks.

  • Mike Brailsford

    Not sure arenas are wise to offer refunds based on people are solely buying tickets to see one wrestler. Imagine if soccer, football, basketball or baseball teams offered similar because the star player was injured, it would never happen. Surely the product as a whole matters over the one individual, however popular.

    • Bob’s Diner

      It isn’t the arena that offers the refund – it is WWE. It isn’t a team sport like the others you mentioned. Heck, it isn’t even really a sport. It is believed that a lot of people base their decision on going to the show depending on who will be appearing. Hence guys like Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino are considered “draws”

      • Mike Brailsford

        Yep, I didn’t specifically mean the arena itself (I know it will be funded back by WWE), but I feel attending an event like this ought to be enough and not based on the one competitior.

  • Winnipeg

    With the Cena to TNA thing, how much do you think it would help ROH is Punk stayed semi-retired and did part time work for ROH?

  • pow

    Paige is the best thing to happen to the Divas Division in years.I can not believe that the WWE are missing AJ Lee,she was a joke who got zero reaction from the crowd.The WWE though have all ready messed Paige up by making her look weak,she is easily the best female wrestler but why won’t they let her show it?

    • Cubed56

      Your right in the sense that Paige is the best pure female wrestler they’ve got on the roster right now, however you are kidding about the stuff you said about AJ right?

    • Vic Jose

      AJ had zero reactions? Were you watching some other AJ? lol

  • Vic

    The Divas division hasn’t been the same since the days of Trish Stratus Lita and the women who were able to keep interest in a match. Now these matches don’t last more than 3-5 minutes. WWE needs to build up matches with the Divas division instead of just throwing matches together and then thinking it’s gonna work out. AJ Lee and Kaitlyn’s rivalry was great for WWE cause there was some type of build but since then they haven’t done much for the division. For 3 hours of Raw there’s enough time to give the Diva’s some type of storyline to work with as opposed to putting some match to fill in time.

    • Gary Robert

      and they wasted the signing of Gail Kim who can work

      • Vic Jose

        Really? All I ever saw from Gail was botches, and eliminating herself from her last match in WWE.

        • Gary Robert

          Gail Kim had some epic matches for a “diva” in TNA prior to coming to WWE. They even hyped her with weeks of vignettes, which you never see for a Diva, prior to her arrival and subsequent zero programming and story lines afterwards. She eliminated herself b/c she was fed up and knew she was leaving.

  • Whammaster

    Really? no one finds Paige really great in the ring and believable? This is quite a shock for me to be reading the first question as i was under the impression a lot of people were happy with her being champion. Yeah sure winning a random match to become the champ is a bit lazy booking. With Paige as champ though we are getting some quality matches from the divas division and people are now shitting on it? I mean Fox has really shown what she can do, we all know Paige v Emma would be a sweet match, and when AJ returns? Oh god yes! Natalya is a credible wrestler, that actually knows what she is doing in that ring as well.

    Paige’s booking of being weak is playing at the fact that she is a rookie, i would imagine that will disappear after a year or so. Even then, what does everyone what? a 2-3min squash match to “build her”. Build her to what? WHO??? Exactly …..

    • Gary Robert

      I do. I think AJ takes the best bumps in the ring and looks decimated after having certain moves done to her and I think Paige is one of the best at administering offensive moves and making them look believable. Another thing I liked about AJ was the fact that we finally had a finisher in the Diva divisions that looked legit. These girls get pinned with very weak moves most of the time which always, for me, makes their match endings a huge let down. AJ’s Black Widow is innovative and actually looks like a noteworthy match-ender.

  • Gary Robert

    I agree that she shouldn’t have immediately been handed the title and I’m on record since her title match ended as saying how silly it seemed to have someone end a historic title reign so suddenly and with just one offensive move in the match itself–what looked to me to be just an everyday leg sweep, which I later found out is one of her finishers–but, all that being said, shes much better in the ring than any of the other Divas at this time. One of the biggest things lacking in the Diva’s division is the physicality and believability of how they pull off and execute moves…to me, Paige is on another level with doing that–great submission finisher, too.

  • Padres4life

    With Bryan, they’re going to act as if WM 30 never happened. They’re going to have him chase it all over again, what a waste…WM 30 is the most watched ever, they can’t just sweep it under the rug and treat him like a B + player again….

    • Bob’s Diner

      I actually think if he is ‘stripped’ of the title, you won’t see him in the title picture again for a while.

  • Bob’s Diner

    The Paige thing is confusing; on one hand, she came in with WWE expecting everyone to know who she is because of NXT. On the the other hand, everyone else that is coming up from NXT gets all sorts of hype so that the crowd is familiar with the character before they debut. I think the same process would have been a benefit to Paige

  • Vic Jose

    There were 2 problems with what they did with Paige and AJ. First of all, not as many people as they thought knew about or cared about Paige, and secondly they made her look weak and like it was a fluke that she won, when it was pretty clear how good she was in NXT. If they had been smart they would have let Paige come out and challenge AJ for the belt being that AJ hadn’t beaten her and she was the undefeated NXT Divas champion. AJ would balk at that and would defend the title but would leave before losing. With AJ absent WWE would set up a tournament to crown a new Divas champion that would allow them to push Paige and build her up and then she would win the belt. AJ would then come back in June or whenever with her belt and claim she was still the Divas champion. Building up a champion vs champion program between them, giving us a women’s version of Punk-Cena from a couple years back. But no, WWE has to be stupid about it and just give Paige the belt in a fluke win with no build and yet they are upset about it, it’s their own fault. I should work for their creative department, lol.

    • Jay El Bee

      Why wouldn’t they have AJ put over someone on her way out, since she is marrying Punk there is no guarantee that she’s even going come back.

  • Mandy

    The Divas division is a mess but that is not their fault since many are working hard to prove themselves in the ring. It is the WWE’s fault for not knowing what to do with them. For example, NIkki and Natalya gave their best during their two matches together but there was no need for Eva to be guest referee or to use the painting storyline as a means to get them to fight. It was even worse having the divas out there grading them. The WWE can do so much more with the division they have right now.

  • stoney

    TNA can’t afford Cena’s shoelace

  • King James

    The Paige experiment hasn’t worked because the WWE has failed to give her any real time in the ring. She can’t show her skills if you give her 3 minutes in the ring. She’s done great in my book.

  • Peter Parker

    I totally agree with this guy ^. I also think saying the experiment hasn’t worked out is both premature and wrong, since Paige is at least more over than anyone else in her division that’s not on leave.

  • Mike

    I hope that the current way that WWE is using Paige isn’t gonna hurt her in the future. She is an awesome wrestler and I hope that she is still going to be he biggest Diva of all time.

  • Robert Olley

    haha tna can’t afford frankie kazarian never mind john cena that made my giggle. The divas division i quite enjoy but not as much as it was in the 90s.