Mundane Live Smackdown, Brock Lesnar's Gimmick & Contract, Randy Orton Buried, Sting To WWE?

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Why didn't WWE use the old Smackdown set for last night's "blast from the past" episode?

Last night's "blast from the past" Smackdown live left a lot to be desired. Sure, it was neat seeing some of the Legends but other than that, the show was pretty mundane. WWE went all-out with their "old school" Raw a couple of years ago and it went over quite well but last night just seemed like a throwaway show with the Legends filling the gaps for the Raw performers unable to appear because of the upcoming overseas tour. I don't know why more effort wasn't put forth but it was a show you can afford to miss if you haven't seen it yet.

What is the latest on Brock Lesnar's gimmick? Do you see him re-signing with WWE after Wrestlemania XXIX next year?

Brock Lesnar was brought in to work as a main event heel, which explains the pairing with John Laurinaitis. Vince McMahon wanted to do a Lesnar/John Cena program out of the gate so he knew he'd have to put him with one of the most-hated characters on TV to get him over (especially given the heat on Cena). As for Brock re-signing, it all depends on how it goes. WWE dropped a lot of money to get Lesnar for limited dates (rumored to be in the $5 million range) so it will also depend on if he helps business.

Why does Randy Orton seem like he's getting bored with boring programming? Isn't his stock the same as John Cena?

Randy Orton is WWE's number two guy behind John Cena and remember Cena had a program with Kane prior to Orton's program with him. A lot of readers have gotten restless with the booking of Orton and it might be time for a change but losing to Kane at Wrestlemania XXVIII I felt was a bad move. I expect Orton to "snap" and take out Kane at Extreme Rules based on the booking from last night.

In light of veteran superstars coming into the WWE and working limited schedules such as with The Rock and Brock Lesnar, why wouldn't Sting now have the opportunity to finish his career with the WWE?

Sting is under contract with TNA until the end of the year and has remained loyal to Dixie Carter and company. He was very close to agreeing to a deal with WWE for Wrestlemania XXVII last year but ultimately decided to return to TNA. TNA provides him with a great opportunity to make money on limited dates but should his mind change, I'm sure WWE would be willing to listen, especially given Vince McMahon's current mindset.

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  • Thanks for posting my question on Sting!

    What is interesting is that Sting would be able to work the limited schedule as Brock and The Rock are, while also getting paid obviously much, much more than his current pay with TNA.

    And while the ratings were great for The Rock and Brock, can you imagine how many people would tune in for Sting's first ever WWE appearance on top of his retirement tour?

    It's a cash cow waiting to happen.

    • J_Dog

      The problem there is Sting doesn’t have the mainstream appeal of a Lesnar or a Rock. The reason their returns have been so huge is that they are huge names in both wrestling and mainstream pop culture, Sting only has the wrestling. Don’t get me wrong it would draw huge but not to the same level.

    • Jay

      Sting stopped making sense to me after he said WWE would misuse him, when he parades around as the Joker.

      • BigMike

        he said that statement years ago about him being misused as was many of the WCW talent once the buyout happened. Sting didnt want to be ut into the heap of people fighting and clawing for table scraps like the rest were even Booker T was buried for a time so it made sense for Sting not to go then .as for now who knows? he knows his career is at the end so he might do a legends deal someday and get into the HOF which he deserves

    • Jason

      Yes, but the thing with Sting, money isn't everything. He will go where he feels will be the best for his interests. I remember reading when the WWE almost had him last year, the deal was double or more than what TNA was offering, and he turned it down. By the way, not the same Jason that asked the question.

  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    sting vs undertaker @ wrestlamania 29. Wat a main event!!! Rock vs brock cant top that!!!

  • George

    With all due respect, Richard. I disagree strongly with you saying that Orton losing to Kane is a "bad move". Orton has many Wrestlemanias in his future so a few loses wouldn't hurt his career at all. Also after losing to Cena and constantly being RKO'd by Orton, Kane needed and deserved the win at the grandest stage of them all and look strong, way more than Orton needs it.

    • Best in the World

      Orton is very young but look at Edge. Out of the blue Edge has his retirement speech. Edge was my top guy and Randy Orton is one of my top guys in Wrestling now. Randy Orton is potentially a concussion away from having that speech we don't wanna see it again but we know the toll concussions have taken on him. Who knows how many more Wrestlemania's Randy Orton has? I hope many more.

  • thatguy

    i was writing a long post but i'm just going to limit it to

    Stop with the Sting/WWE stuff. its old. no one cares, no one wants it. No one wants to see him being carried in WWE matches

    • John

      You don’t speak for myself that’s for damn sure!

    • ryder

      this comment is funny

    • BigMike

      ur an idiot…….. Sting, unlike many who are at hios age or even younger, can still go and perform now he might be a step slower but he still performs and can put a good match on if u never watched him and RVD(( who is still young as in under 40)) and when he fought Abyss and AJ among others Sting can still work a good match

    • peter

      Totally AGREE, Sting is way past his sell buy date,people who disagree are looking at him through rose tinted glasses.

  • Da KiDD

    (Random Funny Thought) Hey guys..remember this…:

    Triple H vs. British Bulldog on Smackdown w/ The Rock as a special guest referee


    Lolllll, here's the link:

  • Monty

    In superstars of 90s wwe abd Vince did a great job on sting so I say 2 things can happen. But one of these is sure to happen. Sting can sign a limited schedule to finish is career with wwe. But whether he comes or not wwe will release a sting DVD after he retires from wrestling or tna and I can’t wait for that.

  • Aldin94

    So if someone goes to TNA its bad and the wrestler is old and washed up. But if they go to WWE its just great. I dont get it!

    • wnwdotcom2

      Have you ever been to a TNA show? I think the mentality you are talking about has to do with how obvious it is that TNA is second-rate to WWE. If they were more competitive I think a lot of people would hold a different opinion. My argument on bringing in former talent is that if they draw and help business, then good. If not, it's time to put the younger workers in front of them and let them build the company.

      • Brian

        Two guys that I'd be interested in seeing come to WWE who were TNA originals would be Abyss and Samoa Joe. Both would succeed greatly in the WWE.

        • BigMike

          WWE had a chance with Joe but didnt like his look so they passed on him andas for Abyss I guess they didnt want a ripoff of Mankind just a bigger version

        • Jeremy

          Samoa Joe was originally in WWE (where he fought Essa Rio on Jakked in Y2K) before he came to TNA. Abyss is the only original that is clearly TNA material.

        • XKonn247

          Samoa Joe isn’t an original. He was independent for yeard

    • ryder

      I used to wonder the same thing when Nash returned last year everyone was complaining about how he was old and washed up in TNA but in WWE everyone was excited for him. Thats how wrestling fans are I guess

  • Ricky Valdez

    Sting is an all time great, but the wwe needs to just move on and stop asking him to join wwe, he should have been in wwe 10 years ago, ten years to late, he might even turn down the wwe HOF.

    • ryder

      Sting wouldnt have to sign any contracts or work any schedule so I doubt he would turn down the HOF

  • The Breaker

    If you missed the live SmackDown last night, be sure to catch the Piper's Pit segment. It was fantastic.

  • Smackdown was terrible, why didn’t they do something like a proper old skool Smackdown with the people that made it huge, ok Eddie and Chavo have gone, Batista gone, Edge, Angle and Benoit gone but there’s no relevance of Hacksaw, Dusty and all those same tired old faces to Smackdown! And why not debut Ambrose the other night, have him come out the crowd to confront Foley? SD was so tired and wishy washy, real shame.

    • ryder

      I was hoping for the old Smackdown set to return the one with fist

  • Kevin

    Sting is an awesome wrestler, and in his younger days he might – MIGHT – have fit in with the WWE. But when he passed up the chance to be a WWE player with the WCW buyout, he passed up the WWE for good. At this point in his life, Sting just wouldn't fit in with the WWE. He's part of the Era that just ended with UT v HHH. He's in TNA for a reason, and he passed up on WM27 because he realized it: TNA is where the Stinger belongs. He fits in perfectly there. If he were to go to the WWE, he would be like a fish out of water.

  • Bubba J

    Here are some major reasons why WWE is in big trouble:

    Even with Rock vs Cena and leakind Brocks return 24 hours before WM28 they still will most likely not beat their best ever buyrate.

    One week after Brock Lesnar returns to WWE the RAW ratings have fallen to pre Wrestlemania lows again. Not a good sign.

    The majority of UFC – Brock fans who followed Brock from WWE will not come back to WWE b/c they like the real mechanics of UFC vs. WWE's PG rated playfighting.

    The WWE network is already failing as they keep delaying initiative, no industry execs want to touch that gig, they have still not signed on with big cable providers. It smells of XFL all over again.

    They are watering down the biggest moneymaker they have (John Cena). If he turns heel they will then lose out on millions in merchandise sales and piss off the young kids. This is one massive slippery slope!

  • saleh

    I dont know why u love randy sooooooooooooo much!!!!
    its obvious that cm punk is wwe's number 2 for almost a year
    orton stoke has fallen and shuold change to heel man

  • Andrew

    I don’t think Orton is number 2 to Cena anymore. I think he is behind Punk and Jericho. Booking Orton to face Kane, and so early on at mania was disrespectful to Orton. He should be in the main event of mania, that’s 3 manias in a row he hasn’t been involved in a title match.

  • Mylo

    Orton is bland and boring. He has a great standing dropkick, but his matches lack emotion, as does he overall.