Music Composers In Mainstream Wrestling, Who Pays WWE Travel Expenses?, Is A Worker Paid If They Aren't Used?, John Cena vs. Kane

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While both WWE and TNA have their own respective in-house musicians/composers (Jim Johnston and Dale Oliver), ROH borrows songs to use them as entrance themes. Can they really afford to pay the corresponding royalties? Wouldn't it be cheaper to have their own music composer?

Ring of Honor often times gets music from independent bands where they trade exposure for the rights to a song. While they obviously have to pay for the rights to use any mainstream song, it's not a major expense. If ROH continues to grow, an in-house music composer might be something of interest as they do have a significant financial backer in Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

When WWE Superstars travel show to show, does WWE pay for their flights and accommodations or do they pay for themselves?

Workers under WWE contract must pay their own travel expenses. The WWE office will assist in booking flights and making hotel reservations - all at a discounted rate you or I would get - however, it is a worker's responsibility to handle these expenses. Most of the roster has a group of two or three that travel together where they share expenses such as hotel rooms, rental cars, etc.

If a worker is not injured but also not being featured on shows do they still get paid?

WWE contracts include a downside guarantee which is money they get regardless if they are injured or not used. This money is figured on a yearly basis and then paid either weekly or bimonthly (I can't remember the pay cycle). The only time they do not collect this money is during a suspension upon which point these funds are not distributed. Downside guarantees vary from six figures all the way to approximately $25,000/year for a WWE developmental contract.

Is John Cena's program with Kane something for him to do until Wrestlemania XXVIII?

John Cena's program with Kane is one of the final programs he will have before his intermittent program with The Rock for Wrestlemania XXVIII is given the green light. There is obviously room for another; however, it all depends on how long Cena vs. Kane lasts. It looks like we will see this match at Royal Rumble which leaves only one pay-per-view for Cena before Wrestlemania. A lot was made about Cena not being on the WWE TLC lineup but there was literally nothing for him.

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  • Matt Scott

    We see the travel expenses and downside questions so often on here :-/. At least it shows growth I guess.

  • Arav

    i think its probably gonna be kane and cena in the royal rumble but neither winning. and at Chamber its kane vs cena to end the feud.

    • ken

      I have to agree to disagree with you. I say at some point it will be Kane and Cena alone in the Rumble for a period. Then Kane eliminates Cena and goes on to win the Rumble. Fast forward to the Chamber and Cena gets a measure of revenge before moving on to The Rock at Mania.

      • brenna01

        Surely though it wouldn’t make sense to have Cena in the Rumble at all as if he won the Rumble, where would that leave Cena VS Rock?

  • Juan

    i wouldnt be suprise if they do an injury angle with cena to protect him from actuallly getting hurt until wrestlemania

    • jesse

      Yeah, Vince would shit a brick if Cena gets hurt only a few weeks before the "biggest match in history". (I used quotes because the WWE thinks it's the biggest match ever, while I heavily disagree.)

      • sean

        I bet you cant name a bigger match in wwe history

        • Alex

          Hogan vs Rock, Hogan vs Andre the Giant, Flair vs HBK, HBK vs Taker 1. Shoot, if Hogan vs Austin ever happen that would probably top them all.

  • ease9310

    Kane and Cena should get to fight at the first match of the Royal Rumble,because then they should have a special referee that declares himself the winner.It should be a last man standing match,then at the end Cena and Kane fall down,while the referee counts to 10,then declares himself the winner.Like Steve Austin did like at a WrestleMania,when Kane and Undertaker fought with each other.

    • Wes

      … Why? That would be pointless. If you're trying for neither to lose momentum going to Mania, Have Kane decimate Cena, be DQ'd. Someone comes out to help Cena, That person feuds with Kane until WM28, Cena is injuried til WM to face the rock.

      • sean

        wuldn work as itd almost guarantee a kane interference in rock vs cena

  • JackBo

    In my opinion, It will be Kane vs Cena at the rumble, The next night Cena gets a shot at the wwe title against CM Punk. The Raw elimination chamber match will be a 1contendership match. So, Cena vs Punk, Cena’s dominating and goes for the AA, The Rocks music hits but he doesnt come out, while Cena is distracted, Punk hits GTS and wins, then Rock comes out and hits the Rock Bottom, setting up the Wrestlemania storyline. Phew!

  • Sebastian

    Not having John Cena fight at WWE TLC must of just been a protective move by the WWE/Xmas Present, in case he was injured at the PPV right? I just found it very peculiar that one of the biggest superstars on the roster ain't even featured in a PPV, bizarre, but life goes on.

    • Nameless one

      Xmas. Really?

    • Alex

      He could've had a match that wasn't a gimmick match at the ppv. Don't take this to mean that I wanted Cena at the ppv cause I didn't. lol