MVP Back To WWE?, The Boogeyman, Using Flair A Shot At TNA?, Slammy Voting

What's the latest on MVP making a possible return stateside to either WWE or TNA?

MVP said last week he hasn't been contacted by WWE and was committed to his work in New Japan Pro Wrestling. We've heard of mutual interest in his services [in WWE] but nothing has progressed any further. MVP was adamant when he left WWE he wanted to work in Japan and wasn't interested in working for TNA Wrestling. This is believed to be why WWE  agreed to "turn their head" and allow him to use the MVP name in matches overseas. I don't see him working in TNA and feel if he does return stateside it will be in WWE where he left on good terms.

Update: MVP responded to this saying he owns his own gimmick which is why he is able to use it. I'm not disputing that and what I was talking about was WWE owning the trademark to Montel Vontavious Porter.

I'm not ashamed to say that while he was part of the WWE, I was a big fan of the Boogeyman. So with his return to Raw at the Slammys, including the ovation from the crowd he received in doing so, do you see the Boogeyman returning to the WWE full time?

Anything is possible but Marty Wright is 48-years-old and isn't seen as a viable long-term option because of his age. WWE officials were always concerned about overexposing The Boogeyman and saw it as a gimmick that was over but with an extremely limited lifespan. The idea was to use him in special appearances and we saw that on Monday. Vince McMahon likes Wright and the gimmick so much it wouldn't surprise me if more came out of the appearance but it was a per shot on Monday.

With WWE bringing Ric Flair back to Raw do you think it's a message to TNA they will do what they want when they want?

I don't think Ric Flair appearing on Raw was as much a shot at TNA as it was Triple H getting his buddy back where he wants to be. Flair and Hunter are very close and Flair made it clear he wanted to return to WWE. The reason he went to TNA in the first place was there was no interest in using him in WWE and Hulk Hogan talked Ric into doing it. With that being said one very important fact that we reported here on is that Flair is not under WWE contract. The hiring freeze in regards to former TNA talent remains intact and because Flair hasn't signed a new WWE contract, TNA cannot allege that WWE used information divulged by Brian Wittenstein to sign their talent. Flair hasn't kept it a secret that he has enough pull in WWE to get them to "creatively" pay him without putting him under contract which is exactly what we saw on this week's Raw.

How legitimate was the voting for the Slammy Awards on Monday night?

WWE used the Slammy Awards as their first big opportunity to promote their new App. From everything I've heard it worked great and the goal of widespread downloads was accomplished. I haven't heard how legitimate the voting was but I can tell you in the past, when WWE has done polls, the voting has been fairly legitimate. The only time in recent memory where I can recall a poll being fixed was the Kane over Daniel Bryan Twitter poll from Raw a few weeks back.

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  • BigMike7302

    If WWE was never high on Marty Wright because of his age then they are not making any sense lol he was past 40 when he first debuted as the boogeyman and he worked a few matches and I like his look and he has always been pretty well received well but talking about age is just IMO hypocritical as he was past 40 when he was hired

    • Sam The Man.

      When they hired him,he cheat on his age.

  • matt

    I was hoping to see a match with boogeyman that night. Hopefully they use him even just for a little while it would be great to watch.

  • Austin

    Two slip ups in one week? I don’t think I can trust you anymore Richard. lol jk

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Poor MVP n the others like carlito and shelton, great talents that WWE never let to be world champions. Hope vince is reading my comment.

    • Loren_G

      Do you really feel that Vince himself is trolling this site and will read your comment?

      • Richard Gray

        I'm unsure what you are trying to imply with this. I would certainly hope Vince McMahon has more important things to do rather than go through our comments but who knows.

        • Loren_G

          I absolutely think that he has more important things to do than read comments here. No offense to the site of course. But for someone to assume that the only reason that a wrestler was never a world champion is based solely on whether their promotion allows them is a fool. There are so many factors involved. Yes, a promotion could decide to put the belt on a wrestler just because they want to try to push that performer, and they have certainly done that, but for someone to "make" it in this business they have to be at the top of their game, given the right opportunities, have the crowd get behind them, not have any injuries, and the list goes on.

          I just don't like it when people assume that its such a simple thing as blaming ones success on a promotion.

          • Matt

            David Arquette was a top of the class performer when he was given the WCW belt. It can be as simple as having the right look and the being in the right spot at the right time. Goldberg was given his time not because oi his impressive in ring 2 move set of skills. Should it be based on skill talent on mic etc…yes but its not always the case.

    • Richard Gray

      Two slip ups… but not by me.

  • I can’t think of any reason why the Slammys WOULDN’T be rigged.

  • Brian

    I want to say that I thought John Cena getting the Superstar of the Year wasn't rigged and it was just a lot of kids and girls voting. But it fits into the CM Punk not getting respect that it very well could have been rigged.

  • The Big Organ

    How legitimate was the voting? It was rigged! How the hell does John Cena win superstar of the year? He’s been on the losing end this year and while he’s been the main focus of many ppvs, he’s not the most well liked person. In fact from the boos we heard last Monday in Philly, there’s no way Cena won that fair ad square! Seriously I’m not saying this because I dot like Cena and because I think he’s the most boring thing since celery and that he can’t wrestle blah blah blah but come on, explain to me how a dude that gets booed on a weekly basis by the majority of the people, wins a popularity vote? Another thing, why wasn’t Daniel Bryan even in the damn ballot? That’s just ridicules?

    • partyjereme

      What do you mean how did Cena win the Superstar of the Year Slammy, the guy is by far the most popular full time wrestler in the WWE and has been for at least the past five years if not longer.

      • Jimmy

        Cena is useless, this whole year he's been used as nothing more than a wrestler to make upcoming wrestlers look better. Eg. Dolph, CM Punk, Ryback, not to mention he lost at wrestlmania, became the first person to lose MITB and only barely beat Lesnar after getting destroyed for weeks.

        • Loren_G

          So you're saying all he's doing is putting over the younger guys? yeah, I can see how that's horrible.

          *insert sarcasm

          • Jimmy

            Are u dumb? i never said it was a bad thing that he's putting over the younger guys i'm saying how the hell did he deserve Superstar of the year from losing to them all year. Read the comments properly before you talk

        • partyjereme

          And yet he is still by far the most popular wrestler in the WWE..

    • Guest

      They needed a way to put Flair in there that is why.

  • Maz

    It has to be fixed, cos cm punk had his

    Promo ready

  • Louis

    As far as them stars outside the Rock u will never see a agro American or another nationality as world champion agian maybe not even shemus

    • Loren_G

      Well that seems like quite the racist comment. Do you have any facts or ideas to back up this opinion?

      • Anand

        I dont think he has any facts to back it up…

        Mark Henry was a very dominant world champ – Wasnt he? and that too just last year before he got injured??

        Sheamus is a two time WWE Champ and the guy just lost his world title a couple a months back and is on a collision course with Big Show, Maybbe he will win it soon..

        Alberto Del Rio too won the WWE title a couple of times and i dont recall him being an American…

        Wade Barret and Kofi are being pushed hard and either of them could be a world/wwe champ in 2013.

        Backup your statements with facts before you make such racist claims…

        • Arnav

          The Great Khali also won the world heavyweight championship

  • John

    I asked the question about MvP because i think it would be awesome for him to return to the Wwe.

  • Zach

    Bring MVP and The Boogyman and BATISTA back :)!