MVP Defends John Cena; Admits WWE Has Shoved Him Down People's Throats

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from MVP. In it, he talks about his friendship with John Cena and how it "irks" him when he hears people talk about Cena in a negative way. MVP admits WWE has shoved Cena down people's throats. He also talks about Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and more. Below is an excerpt:

“It irks me when I hear people talk about John Cena in a negative way. John Cena draws so much ire from people because WWE has literally shoved him down people’s throats as the All American good guy babyface. People get sick of it. Whether you like him or not, you can’t deny John is an amazing entertainer. I think some of that shallow dislike and hatred for him goes into people who say as a rapper he sucks, which he doesn’t.

“The guy is exceptionally good. His freestyle abilities are better than most. For the people who say that he sucks, he could probably beat your favorite rapper in a freestyle competition. We sat in my studio in my house listening to a few beats and wrote a few things. They were really good. The one that I liked the most was something we worked on called ‘Urban Desperado.’ We were both very pleased with what we came up with, and I had the idea that I wanted to have R-Truth on it as well.

“At the time I was with WWE, my idea was the three guys who actually perform their own entrance music to all work on the track and for it to be released by the company. I thought it could have been a big hit, but I ended up leaving before that could come to fruition. I still have it in the vault. It’s possible it could surface.

“I talked to John when WWE came to Tokyo. I was there. We stayed in the same hotel and hung out. I told him I was working on some stuff and asked if he wanted to get together to record some new stuff. He said, ‘Give me 16 bars, and I got you.’ So who knows? John Cena may make an appearance on this EP/mixtape I’m going to put out.”

“My story from the way I grew up and everything I’ve been through, my journey to WWE and post-WWE, my time in Japan and some of these other projects I’m undertaking. There is so much to write about it. We’ll see what happens. I do intend to put out a book, but not as soon as I said I initially would.”

“There are some new guys there that show some promise,” MVP said. “I’ve never had the opportunity to work with Daniel Bryan, who is one of my favorites. On the indies I loved the American Dragon. I thought he was an incredible talent. Randy Orton and I almost had a feud when I came over to Raw, and for whatever reason, they put the brakes on it. I’d like to work a program with Randy. The one match Randy and I had was awesome. We just went out there and worked. He praised me afterward.

“Some people say Randy can be a hard guy to get along with. I get along great with Randy. The one time we actually got to work on Monday Night Raw, we had a great match, and I had an awesome time. I can’t forget CM Punk, my boy from FIP [Full Impact Pro Wrestling]. He is at the top of his game now. We had the opportunity to work once on the indies, and we had one match in [WWE’s] ECW. I would love to work a program with him. That would be great. If I did come back, I think I would want to be exclusive to SmackDown. I think I would want to go back there and help that brand and some of the younger guys.”

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  • Mohammad Abulawi

    will if you go to wwe again i hope they use you right

  • Chopper

    MVP seems a realy nice guy what happened to him in the wwe?

  • Jim

    I’m old enough to remember Hulkamania when it was at it’s most popular. You want to talk about somethin that was shoved down everybody’s throat? Hulkamania was it! It was literally everywhere and on everything. Way more than Cena’s name is now a days. Yeah Cena’s character needs repackaged, but he’s not pushed down peoples throats anywhere near like Hulkamania was in the 80’s. That was just ridiculous. The Cena haters would lose their minds if he was as many places and on as many products as Hogan was back in the day. I try not to let him bother me. Because I totally understand why the WWE is so concerned with doing anything to Cena’s character. If they turn him heel and they lose all that revinue he’s bringing in from all that merch he’s selling, it would be a huge hit in the wallet. Which is the only reason they do anything. I think it would be way more entertaining if they turned him, and make for a better TV show. But I just don’t see them taking the financial risk just to make the show a little better, and to make a small, but growing, group of fans happy.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I agree with what you said I remember Hogan's popularity back in the day and like Cena today people sooner or later got tired of the character.. WWE never turned Hogan Heel they refused to, just like Cena today.

      With Hogan it took leaveing WWE and at the time going to WCW for that to happen. Cena doesn't have the option of going to another company and Vince just refuses to turn him.

      Bottom line it's Vince's company he can do what he wants and if the older fans don't like it that's just to bad.

      As for the kids they may grow up and move from Cena get tired of him and move to another wrestler… but Vince knows there will be other kids to take their place so he won't change Cena's character.

      AS for What Jim pointed out

      " I just don't see them taking the financial risk just to make the show a little better, and to make a small, but growing, group of fans happy. "

      That is very true Vince is not going to change Cena's character just to make a few people happy.

    • havoc525

      Turning him wouldn’t hurt them as much as people think, at least not for long. The people who “hate” him now (in case you haven’t noticed, nobody is saying get rid of him) would pick up the slack. People don’t “hate” Cena, unles they’re morons. The resprct him, but want a change. The reaction to his Rock rap should have said it all.

    • tone


  • havoc525

    I hope he works something out. I always felt he and “Kennedy” had Austin/Rock potential.

    • Patrick

      Totally agree. But out of all the guys that left/were released from the WWE in the last 5 or so years, I personally would love the see Kennedy back. A shame him and MVP never really reached their potential

      • havoc525

        I hoped the long absence from TNA was a sign he was upset and wanted our. Guess not, at least not yet.

        • Hashtag Daley

          Agree about MVP. I have always thought Kennedy was awful. As a face, as a heel, he just never clicked with me as a viewer.

      • Bob

        Orton screwed Kennedy so he will never come back. He only plans to wrestle for like 5 more years anyway.

    • steve2

      I felt the same way!

  • Winky p

    British bulldog was a let down behind the scenes

    • Matt Scott

      Where the Hell did that come from?

  • MsMojoRisin

    I dont like cena because hes overrated lol

    • Bruno

      How can u say cena is overrated. People bashing him every day and u call him overrate?

  • Vince

    Mvp should come back to wwe he is awesome

  • Terra Ryzing

    "For the people who say that he sucks, he could probably beat your favorite rapper in a freestyle competition."

    My favorite rapper is Eminem. I don't think Cena is beating Eminem in any kind of freestyle competition.

    I like MVP, but that statement was pretty bold.

    • Bruno

      Cena is better than 90% of the rappers out there.

      • Matt Scott

        New wave rap artists yes. Like Souljah Boi and the likes. But your Eminems, Biggies, Tupacs, Swollen Members, Tech N9nes, Royce 5 9s, Crooked Is, Joe Buddens… I can make this list go on brother.

  • 7028brethart

    He defends John cena, but only defends his free style rap, not his wrestling, lol, ouch

    • BigMike

      he defended his rapping and his ability to entertain which is the main thing now in the WWE so yes he did defend him

  • H.M.

    I'd love for MVP to come back. He was one of the best heels the WWE produced in recent years up until that stupid jobber-to-face-turn schtick – probably what they're doing with Drew McIntyre now which is a damn shame.

    But yeah, I personally think the door is open for MVP to return at some point and I hope it does happen. Same with Kennedy as others mentioned.

  • stoney

    Cena doesn't deserve the amount of hate he gets, he works his ass off for the company and business that he loves, guys like Goldberg, Sid Vicious and nash deserve hatred because they were only in it for the money and didn't give a damn about the companies they were in.

    • havoc525

      Umm, if Nash were just “in it for the money” I don’t think he’d be working matches, and taking his first ladder bump, at damn near 60, Sid may not fit in this group so much either, but Goldberg is dead on, same as Warrior.

  • MVP

    From one MVP to another…come back home, Montell!

  • Carl Badham

    MVP & Kennedy : the future. At 1 point… Never say never. I like Kennedy Rock potential. MVP great too. Reach that bar

  • K.E

    I really don’t understand the WWE. I don’t want Cena to be mean or turn heel as u Americans would say but I don’t like it when he’s forced to take crap from the other wrestlers and he does nothing about it. The kids who buy his merchandise would want someone who stands up for himself. I like Randy’s Character. As much he is a nice guy now, when you mess with him you are sure to face the consequences.