MVP Isn't Saying He Wants To Go To TNA But…, Impact Preview, Joseph Park At Presser

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MVP Isn't Saying He Wants To Go To TNA But…

MVP isn't saying he wants to go to TNA Wrestling but he is saying that Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Ken Anderson and Bobby Roode are on his "wish list" to work with. The following is from MVP's Twitter:

This Week on Impact Wrestling

Preview this week's episode of Impact Wrestling in a new video at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

Impact Coming to Peoria

A press conference was held in Peoria, Illinois on Tuesday to announce Impact Wrestling coming to the city on Thursday, June 20, 2013 for a typical double Impact Wrestling taping. Joseph Park represented the TNA roster. You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

Every time they have one of these press conferences I'm reminded of Matt Morgan's freakout.  THEY RAN MY JOKE AS A JOKE.  Re-live the memories at this link.

  • Chris

    Wonder if MVP is angling to get WWE more interested.

  • Paul Williams

    MVP I don’t know why he left in first place , TNA seems pick up all the former stars of the WWE. TNA is no where near or will be better then WWE , TNA is just replacement of WCW from back in the day’s. MVP I can see back on WWE soon in 2013 or future ahead. It seems like WWE screws people out contract’s or whatever maybe why they leave for TNA.

    • Smart Mark

      TNA takes talented guys that were not being used properly in WWE and turns them into main event wrestlers. eg; RVD, Christian, Tomko, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, The Pope/Elijah Burke, Tara/Victoria, Micki James etc.

      • Carlos is a dumbass

        WTF are you talking about!?! Angle, RVD, Mickie James, Victoria & Jeff Hardy were all pushed as main eventers in the WWE. Mickie beat Trish clean at Mania 22, Angle was a 6x champ in the WWE. Jeff Hardy was 3x world champ with the WWE, RVD went over Cena at One Night Stand (RVD f’d up his own push by getting pulled over while high & drunk), Victoria was a multiple time Women’s champ. The only person who didn’t get pushed as a main eventer was Christian, he left before that could happen. And Elijah Burke & Tyson Tomko suck and should never main event nothing. Why do you always post the dumbest things on here?

  • Paul Williams

    I will say this TNA can get more TV time like the WWE and more fans it be battle between them two.

  • Paul Williams

    IN future I can see more WWE diva’s and superstars going TNA soon