MVP Reveals Hip Hop Supergroup With John Cena & R-Truth That He Pitched During His Time In WWE; Why It Didn't Happen

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- Mister Saint Laurent reporting:

This week on MLW Radio, available right now on, MVP revealed that he and John Cena had planned to create a hip hop supergroup.

"When I got to Raw, I had asked Cena about making music and we discussed it. When we were on the bus together or the hotel lobby and Cena would break out some instrumentals, we'd start freestyling together and it was really a trip watching all these people say, 'I didn't know you could do that!' My cousin ended up producing this really cool beat and Cena came by my house when Raw was in town. He recorded a verse on it. I recorded a verse and my idea was for the three guys on the roster who actually rap their own theme music [MVP, Cena and R-Truth], let the three of us all get together on this one track. Kevin Dunn said it was really good and that he really liked it."

"I approached Vince with the idea and Vince wasn't interested. What I saw was, if you take me, Cena and R-Truth and put us all together, even for a little while and let us run like a little bit of a clique, I thought it would be a lot of fun and that the crowd would really get off on it. Especially if we weren't all on the same show. If I'm on Smackdown and those guys are on Raw, but something goes down and the music plays and here I come running out or I'm in trouble on Smackdown and those guys come running out, almost like a really cool urban hip hop stable, John [Cena] being the leader . . . the song would have been a platinum single."

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  • Dave

    hip hop is not music it is noise

    • kevin


    • chelu671

      Haters always hate

    • jdog

      and what is rock? bunch of people having a screaming contest?

    • Dangerous Lee

      …..and wrestling is pornagraphy right?

    • XKonn247

      To break down hip hop correctly I think you’ll discover it is a lot more artistic than metal or rock. These “idiots making noise” are practically poets. Could you think up 16 or 17 different ways of rhyming words? I doubt it. You’re opinion is that, and we respect you’re opinion but don’t try and pass it off as general consensus.

    • WyFo

      Atleast it ain’t Dubstep

  • Tyler Bowles

    That would’ve been AWESOME!

  • havoc525

    Let’s hope Vince kept the idea in his pocket. Make it a heel stable. Cena gets tired of being booed and jerked around, gets Truth to join up with something about lil’ jimmy, they then decide to call in some help from overseas to deal with “Tensai” with MVP. Only problem is, how do you make Ace and his crew the “face” stable?

    • H.M.

      Or you can make them a face stable. They COULD work.

  • Ralphus

    Somewhere down the road, Vince will regret not pulling the trigger on this!

  • H.M.

    Shame WWE never went through with that idea. Sounds pretty legit.