MVP Says He's Considering A Return To WWE, Talks About An Idea He Had Regarding A Stable, More

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Arda Ocal sent in the following:

#AftermathRadio hosts Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) and Jimmy Korderas (@JimmyKorderas) were joined last night by former WWE Superstar MVP (@The305MVP). Topics discussed:

- MVP is considering a return to WWE

- His thoughts having watched RAW for the first time in a long time, particularly thoughts on Tensai and how he wishes North American fans could have seen his time as Giant Bernard in Japan

- An idea he had while in WWE for he, John Cena and R-Truth to form a stable and Vince McMahon's response

Video (includes topics above) is 2:58 seconds, includes link to full 30 minute interview


  • Lloyd clarke

    Great heel,sucked as a face
    Even enjoyed his smackdown feud with Matt Hardy

  • Nick b

    I would love to see MVP come back! Very talented with great mic skills! He could get HIS united states championship back!

  • ImAwesome420

    MVP had potential but his ego got to his head and next thing we knew he was on a near year-long losing streak.

  • havoc525

    Please, Vince, pick the man up. You gambled on bringing the wrong guy back from Japan. Still think he had the makings of a new Rock.

  • H.M.

    I miss MVP. This guy had the charisma and character to make it big which is rare to find. Heel MVP and Heel Truth can be a tag team with Truth ditching Kofi in the future 🙂

  • Shawn

    I always have liked MVP the gimmick is awesome and he’s good on the mic the only thing that bothers me about MVP is that horrible finishing move come on now his knee hits the mat first come up with something different something new other than that it would be awesome to c him in the e again. Whatever happened to Carlito

    • H.M.

      Carlito was another dude I liked. Had a character the fans could really get into, heel or face.

    • MonsterMike42

      From what I heard, Carlito got lazy and stopped caring. He even asked for his release but Vince wouldn't grant it because he saw something in Carlito and thought he could make him a big star. Carlito just got lazier and Vince eventually got really upset at him and had Ric Flair cut a promo on him to try and motivate him. It didn't work and Carlito eventually got a Wellness Policy violation, refused rehab, and got fired.

  • Michael

    Could you imagine them three? Remember the CENAtion with Cena and Cryme Tyme? That could have been the tweek in character Cena needed, then they ruined it when he tagged poopy on a car.

    • christopher525

      I thought something decent would actually come from that whole cTc deal, nope. Cena, Truth, and MVP would have been awesome as well. Truth could turn heel and join forces with MVP, there's an interesting team who could actually carry the tag division. Still miss MVP having a shot in the main event as well.

      • mjledesma

        MVP’s match with Orton on an episode of Raw for the championship was good.

  • Bogusstang

    Carlito is superiot to MVP in every way. But then so is heidenreich.