MVP Takes Part In Peaceful Protest In Ferguson, Missouri

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TNA star MVP went to Ferguson, Missouri to take part in the peaceful protest in response to Michael Brown being gunned down last Saturday. For those unaware of the story, Brown was an unarmed 18-year-old, and was shot and killed by police.

The following is from MVP's verified Twitter account:

Richard Reacts: I just want to say regardless of what you think of MVP in the ring, this is admirable. Much respect, stay safe.

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  • Xavier

    Now this is cool to hear. I was always a big MVP fan and after hearing this my level of respect for him has just gone through the roof. Much respect.

    • Same here.

      • Xavier

        Thanks for posting this bro

  • Bryan N.

    Much respect to MVP. As someone that is looking to enter law enforcement as a career, I try to see both sides of the story and I’m typically the one defending LEOs in shots fired situations.

    What the police did in Ferguson is something I cannot and will not excuse or defend. And it makes me sick that it was allowed to continue for as long as it did.