MVP To Return To WWE?, WWE TLC Under PG Guidelines, RVD's Status, Knockouts vs. Divas, Create A Finisher

Do you think MVP will ever return to the WWE?

It wouldn't be out of the question for MVP to return to WWE. He requested his release last year in order to pursue opportunities internationally, mainly in Japan. I do not think he left on bad terms; however, remember his release was odd in that WWE announced it before his final TV appearance on Smackdown had aired.

Isn't it going to be hard to book an entertaining TLC match while sticking to the WWE PG guidelines?

Gimmick matches such as TLC matches or anything hardcore are more difficult to book when trying to get around WWE PG. The biggest adjustment for me has been getting used to cage matches and Hell in a Cell bouts without color. However, it can be done and I like the fact that the gimmick is limited to a couple matches on the card.

I heard that Rob Van Dam was seriously considering going back to WWE. Is that true?

I reported here on Premium that Rob Van Dam was extremely frustrated with his spot in TNA Impact Wrestling. However, RVD is still under contract with them and he'd have to get out of his deal before a WWE return could be discussed.

With Ric Flair praising the Knockouts and how they bring in the ratings, will Vince McMahon take this as a sign that the Divas shouldn't just be used as time for a bathroom break?

I highly doubt Vince McMahon is paying attention to anything Ric Flair is saying or TNA is doing. WWE pushes their Divas differently than a lot of people think they should, however, they have their reasons for doing so. Since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff joined TNA in 2010, the Knockouts haven't been booked near as effectively as they were in the years prior. TNA is still far away from the stellar pay-per-view matches between Awesome Kong and Gail Kim that were stealing the show.

Who comes up with a worker's finisher?

A worker has to come up with their own finisher in WWE or TNA. I'm currently reading Chris Jericho's "Undisputed" (I know I'm late) and early on, he talks about the differences in working for WCW as opposed to WWE. In WCW, there were no agents to help put together matches and it was up to the workers to get together and plan their matches. Obviously that is different from WWE in which the call goes from creative to the agents to the workers. Jericho also highlights how everything changed in terms of storyline direction and worker freedom with the hiring of head Raw creative team writer Brian Gewirtz.

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  • ted

    the kncokouts bring in miniscule ratings for tna compared to the wwe divas in tna.

    tna knockouts may get as high as a 1.4 rating for a segment on impact while the wwe divas likely get over a 2.0 rating for their segments since raw and sd are highely rated cable shows compared to tna.

    women's wrestling is a small part of the show and it will never bring in big money for a promotion.

    the big reason why mcmahon does not push the women as big stars is because he does not want another sable on his hands. she was an EGOMANIAC backstage and caused trouble for wwe.

    mickie and melina were both fired for attitude issues . gail kim went to wwe for the big paycheck and then quit once she got engaged to a famous tv chef because she can ride his coattails and work for little tna for the next few years and be fine financially.

    women have a short shelf life in wrestling and many are done by the age of 35 because they want to get married and have children. it does not make sense to push a female as a big star when she may only last a few years in the company or industry itself.

    • Matt Scott

      I disagree with so much or that comment but mostly want to point out the sexism you're showing. Not ALL women hit 35 and switch to mommy mode! And what about the men who want a married life with kids!? Very narrow minded my friend.

      • bettysteve

        you are right Matt, some women switch to "mommy mode" LONG before 35.

    • BollyMexCPhT

      Troll harder son.

    • Ray Sapp

      What about Mae Young? She was wresting into her sixties Ric Flair style.

    • Cristina

      Boy you're attitude on women is…just wow. Where do you live Bedrock? As a female fan I would love to see more Divas like Trish and Lita or Beth, Kharma and Natalya. But attitudes like Fred Flintstone's here make it an impossible battle at best.

  • Ruck

    I have something to say regarding RVD…I like his work in the ring, it’s not “WOW! What a great match! Because the main thing that gets RVD over is his popularity that started in the early 90’s and his unorthodox style of flips, kicks and dips. But his main issue for a lOng time has been his ego! I really believe that he thinks he’s bigger than the company hes currently in and feels he should be the focal point of the show. That’s rings so true because when he came in they already gave him a run as world champion and that can Ono boost one’s ego even further! Now that he’s involved in mid-card level feuds he thinks he’s too good for it and probably feels that he’s the big fish, no the big shark in the small pound with a bunch of trouts! If you ask me, I say RVD is more if an entertaininer than a wrestler and if Vince wants to take him back, he should go to WWE but here’s te kicker…I KNOW his time there would not be very long because of road schedules and wellness policies and backstage politics. Knowing Vince and knowing how he treats former TNA talent, RVD would come up with a bang only to be brought back down to humbleville a week or two later!

    • BadGas

      I think the same.. RVD would be a fool to go to WWE, right now he has it made and if he went to WWE Vince would make him suffer.. Didn't RVD come from WWE at some point? I thought I heard he did and would never go back (I could be wrong). I think alot of TNA staff should stick it out and hope for a better future.. unless they got clout Vince would rub their nose in Sh*t before making them look good on his show..

    • Maze

      I agree 100 percent with everything you just said. I have been in this business for 13 yrs and you hit the nail right on the head brother.

    • Jeremy

      That could be true but not as much. Vince obviously just want to give the younger guys the chance to shine over the legends. Just look at guys like Jeff Hardy and R-Truth, they came back from TNA to WWE and got bigger push and character build up. I say if RVD wants he could come back to WWE but his chance to fame will likely get ignore considering there are other young guys in the WWE now that the company still wants to push though a RVD vs. Booker-T storyline feud would be interesting, a great feud between a former WCW and ECW champ.

      • Maze

        I understand what you are saying, but I really dont think RVD has anything else to offer with the WWE. His style is not entertaining anymore and he does have an ego in that he thinks he is above putting younger guys over. RVD should go to Japan and really see how he stacks up, because they will kick his butt over there.

  • havoc525

    If the women are the reason people tune in, you obviously have horrible booking or terribly boring male workers.

    • j8duong

      well tna DOES have vince russo in their employees list…

  • Whammaster

    The last good years of Womens Wrestling was in TNA with Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim matches, That whole division was red hot, and really really entertaining to watch. I still remember those matches in TNA, and basically what rounded out the show. Because during those times, they had a respectable Heavyweight storyline, respectable X-Division, Great tag team, and the BEST womens division in wrestling. The last match i actually remember caring about from TNA was the match where the beautiful people cut the hair of awesome kong. seriously, for some guy to even post stupid comments as above. It shows that they know nothing of what happened prior 2010.

  • just a fan

    i dont think rvd will return to wwe mainly because of the drug testing…it is no secret that he loves to smoke weed and with all the drug tests he wouldnt last long without getting suspended or released.

  • vmagic

    Funny how people complain about a lack of color in certain matches but I grew up in the 80s and 90s when there was hardly ever any color and cage matches were just fine without it. For all of you that need color so bad, hows about you slice your own head open for a change and see if it's fun…..didn't think so and I doubt wrestlers think it is much fun either.

  • Paul Carriere

    I thought MVP had a heart problem ,thats why he quit wrestling ,I read somewhere he could not take that chance.

    • @RatedMKD

      Not at all, he did have a problem with his heart that the Wellness Policy thankfully found before it was too late, but he's very well now. He's been having a blast working for New Japan Pro Wrestling, if his tweets are anything to go by, and was their first-ever IWGP Intercontinental Champion.

  • Nicola

    It just frustrates me when the women in wrestling are not getting the same pushes as the men do…they have proven time and time again that they are just as good as men when it comes to cage matches etc like the TNA Knock outs and not far off they put a divas table match in at a TLC PPV. and another thing why did the divas titles go from two titles to one title…why aren't there any divas tag team titles? and while their at it they could have mixed tag team titles…they could go back to having seperate PPVs for both Raw and Smackdown like they used too. Get rid of the PG Rating….

    If Vince McMahon was really listening to the "WWE Universe" then he would do these things.

    • Paul

      I think when they had ecw they had a chance to push a product that was not pg and still have a family entertaining show with raw and sd but they f**cked that up big time.

  • Paul

    Never been a big fan of rvd. Some of his spots were good but otherwise he just does the same thing.