My Preference To Win Control Of The Brands, Success Of Daniel Bryan & Wade Barrett, Kharma Update, The Rock vs. John Cena

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How do you see the John Laurinaitis/Teddy Long storyline playing out?

I haven't heard the creative plans for John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long but I could see a bout involving multiple talents to gain full control of Raw and Smackdown taking place at Wrestlemania XXVIII. This would be a way to continue interest in the program and give multiple workers a chance to get on the card. If done, I could see the babyfaces making up the team for Long with the heels making up the team for Laurinaitis. However, let me be clear, I haven't heard this as a creative direction and am answering with a 100% hypothetical answer.

Out of all the season 1 WWE NXT members, only Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett seem to be successful and being pushed. Why do you think Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, who I think have great potential, have not capitalized on their momentum after being tag team champions? Is Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett just that good or am I missing something?

I felt like if WWE NXT created one star, the show could be considered a success. Remember the first season of WWE NXT was actually a really good show but it couldn't make it when SyFy agreed to pickup Smackdown and the network wanted rid of what they considered a ratings disappointment in NXT. As for Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan making it over the others, they've made the most of their opportunities. Daniel Bryan had a leg up on the other Rookies because he wasn't a Rookie. However, it hasn't been easy for either Bryan or Barrett as both have had to weather storms to remain relevant. This is a tough business and when an opportunity is given, some will seize it while others will not.

What is the status of Kharma?

Kharma is spending time at home with her newborn - as she gave birth in late December. From everything I have heard she is doing great and anticipating her return to the ring. I, along with pretty much everyone else, would love a feud with Beth Phoenix and feel it would be a wonderful addition to an already strong Wrestlemania XXVIII lineup.

Can you really see The Rock going over John Cena at Wrestlemania XXVIII?

The Rock vs. John Cena is going to be very tricky to book and I don't want to speculate on an outcome. Vince McMahon will make the decision and won't be letting very many people in on it beforehand. There can be a case made for both wrestlers but my biggest want is a clean outcome. I don't want to see any type of dirty finish as someone has to go over clean for the match to be considered a success. Another important factor to consider is The Rock's future with WWE going forward and if he plans to work again after Wrestlemania XXVIII.

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  • BollyMexCPhT

    Am glad everything with your emergency is ok Richard. I was wondering if it was a slow news day or something.

  • Zack Ryder

    With The Rock agreeing to working in WM29, The Rock might as well win clean this time and then John Cena might provoke for one more match for next year's WM…

    • Dirk Mingler

      Hey Zack! How you doing browski? That spill you had a couple of weeks back was a nasty one! Also why are you betting against Cena? You still mad at him? Look, Eve is a dirty hoeski so it wasn’t Cena’s fault!

      • Patrick V

        And a scandalous b*t*h

    • Matt Scott

      When did he "agree to work" WM29? Pretty sure I just saw Rock, in a WWE press conference, saying that he was going to be at WM29. That is in no way an agreement to compete, or even appear.

      • Nick

        What? So your saying that Rock said "he is going to be at Wrestlemania 29" but not compete OR appear? I'm sorry but if Rock says he's going to be at Wrestlemania one must assume he's going to appear in some way.

  • Maz

    The rock should win clean and challenge Undertaker next year for the streak

    • Dan

      I like that thinking. And when rock vs taker. Cena screws the Rock and then gets rematch with him due to it pissing the rock off.

  • Jason

    If Cena wins, he needs to win dirty and do what the Rock did back in the 90's for his heel turn.

    Cena needs to tell the crowd that he is sick of fighting for them only to hear "Cena Sucks" each week. It's time for him to take what he wants and that's that.

    Cena beats The Rock dirty and we are seriously looking at another revolution for the WWE and wrestling.

    When Hogan turned, I was 9 years old and even though I was in love with him as a good guy, I still had to watch every week to see what was happening, even at such a young age.

    If Cena turns heel, the kids are definitely going to watch and even more so, their parents and other adults with money will come back to watch.

  • I hope rock wins but knowing vince he'll probably troll the home fans and put cena over. The rock beat hogan and now cena beat the rock, passing of the torch even though the fans don't want the torch to pass this time, especially to cena.

    Just want to say i think this isn't taker's last match. I do think if it was, the match itself would headline wrestlemania as the last chance to end the streak… that itself will draw everyone even more than rock vs cena. Vince being the business man he is would realize that. I don't understand everyone's obsession with even numbers, he doesn't have to end on 20-0, 21-0 is just fine as 20-0. Next year taker is headlining wrestlemania against CM Punk as the last chance to end the streak. so etch this comment your head cause i called it first.

    • Adam

      Peeps have been speculating on Takers last match for years. WM or Survivor Series? Streak intact or broken? Established veteran or future star? Names batted around were Orton, Cena, Punk, Jericho, Sheamus, Barrett etc.

      I vote for the winner of the 2013 Royal Rumble to main event Wrestlemania against the Streak. Having that stip previously announced would rock.

  • Da KiDD

    Hey Richard, you know how u say that Vince won’t let many people in on the Rock Cena finish…. I was just curious if he could likely just tell the two superstars only the outcome of the finish, so it doesn’t slip out? Is that likely?

  • A2H

    Just as hogan won over andre, and then the rock over hogan, this one’s going to cena im afraid.

  • luke

    I want cena to win for the sheer fact that he is a full time wwe superstar at the moment and even though the character is stale john cena does give his all and is a very good performer, also tough break for wade barret but im loving daniel bryan at the moment.

  • Paul

    If cena wins, we riot.

  • skip in tx

    My thought is Undertaker will either go 20-0 and retire OR 21-1, dropping the streak to who HE wants, then retire.

    • Cyrus

      I think Math error….it should be 20-0 done or 20-1. Anyways, Rock versus taker…I am not buying it…I have question, which might be in next addition of ASK WNW regarding Cena and Rock.

  • John

    The Rock will no doubt be on RAW the night after WrestleMania then he'll be gone until WM 29 rolls around, so really how is there any logic to him beating Cena? The Rock going over in this match would make as much sense as Triple H beating the Undertaker, which is none whatsoever.

  • Jester

    I hope Cena wins at wrestlemania. I mean I love the Rock he is one of my all time favourites, but he’s a Hollywood actor now at the peak of his career why would he give that up to be a full time wrestler. The Hollywood life style is much easier and much more lucrative then wrestling.
    I think Cena needs to win clean and have the torch passed to him.
    The saying he will be at wm29 does not mean he will be wrestling and I for that matter don’t want to see him and Cena go back and forth for another year.
    Last but not least I don’t know what everyone’s problem is with Cena. He can wrestle, cut a good promo, and stuff a lot of good stuff outside the ring. I think everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon thinking they are smart fans by hating on Cena.

    • AJG316


  • Jamie

    I'd like Rock to beat Cena this year, Cena go over as a heel, then Rock Vs Cena II at WM29.

  • old skewl fan

    I can respect Cena for all his work in and out of the ring, but the squeaky clean super good guy all american hero thing has been stale for years now. Regardless he should go over the rock purely for his dedication and respect to the buisness, something the rock doesn't have. to put it short Cena puts in work and the rock takes it for granted.

  • James

    Seriously guys, whats with all the hating on The Rock. The Rock did his time in the WWE and did what he thought was all he needed to accomplish and wanted to try something different, something that has been a success. He is now a Hollywood actor and everyone needs to realise that hes not gonna be a 24/ wrestler anymore and deal with it. Everyone got up in arms about him saying he's back and never going away, I think he was meaning we arent going to go 7 years without him. Id much rather The Rock appearing once or twice every few months if he isnt going to compete than no Rocky at all.

  • Joe

    I like the rock but I’d rather have cena win cause hes full time wrestler the rock has accomplished a lot of things in the wwe what’s left to prove to the wwe and John cena he proved to the wwe that he can still wrestle John cena is the rock for the lil kids only with pg promos dat suck

  • The Booya

    Rock and Cena should end in a draw cuz both of them got nothing more to prove to us or the WWE