Name, Date & Venue For Every 2012 WWE Pay-Per-View From Elimination Chamber To SummerSlam

WWE sent out information to their media affiliates regarding the next six pay-per-views. That information is as follows:

Elimination Chamber - February 19
The Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WrestleMania XXVIII - April 1
SunLife Stadium in Miami, Florida

Extreme Rules - April 29
Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois

WWE Over The Limit - May 20
The RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina

TBA - June 17
The Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey

WWE Money In The Bank - July 15
The Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

SummerSlam - August 19
Staples Center in Los Angeles, California

  • stoney

    June PPVs: 2009 was the Bash, 2010 was fatal 4 way, 2011 was capitol punishment, what will 2012 June PPV be called?

    • vivalajady

      steel cage

    • Paul

      They should have a contest to name the PPV. I would vote for WWE Generic 2012.

      • @ease9310

        I 100% agree with you.They should have a poll on,that has a poll for naming the PPV in June,and the most number of votes for the PPV's name,and that's what It'll be called.

  • Karl

    WWE In your House.

  • Trever

    I like the name, TBA, just leave it like that

  • kevin

    Omg summerslam in LA again that’s what 4 or 5yrs in a row now. love how WWE is running shows like WCW

    • alex

      its 5 years now

  • Sebastian

    What’s a matter with Bragging Rights? Need more rivalry & competition between Raw & SmackDown, miss the old days of the likes of JBL & Co. taking pride in their brand & just hating the other brand, bring it back WWE!

  • Brad

    Isnt MITB ppv done for? I live in vegas and got excited for a second then remembered I heard they put an end to MITB ppv. I just wonder which PPV will actually take place in vegas now.

  • Taylor

    Still no PPV's in Phoenix 🙁

    • blast21dave

      I hear Survivor Series is scheduled for Phoenix in November. Of course, the Phoenix crowd botched it for Cyber Sunday 2008 so… yeah (and I was there as a live events correspondent). Hell, even Vegas got a return PPV this year after EC in 2008.

  • Chopper

    I wish wwe would take even a house show to Aberdeen Scotland again as i have never seen a live show. I would like to go to a tv taping of raw or smackdown but have to be sitting at ringside front row.

    • Jim

      I know, i live in Aberdeen to! I wish WWE would bring more events to Scotland cause im fed up of just watching it on T.V….

      • Jay

        But Scotland sucks and is full of alcoholics and scag heads. No one wants to got there

    • @ease9310

      I hope at least SmackDown or Raw can come to get to come to Ithaca,NY.I bet you about 2,000,000 people would show up to watch it,because the WWE never comes to Ithaca,NY.And I'm tired of watching WWE on TV.Only 2CW got to come to Ithaca,NY,and about 300 people came to see it.If a higher company of wrestling came to Ithaca,NY,then of course their would be more people coming to Ithaca,NY!!

  • @ease9310

    I hope sometime in the past year the WWE can come to Ithaca,NY!!I hope so,and that's one of my dreams,another one is to meet all my favorite WWE wrestlers.

  • Only i want to fight.