Name Tweak For Big E Langston; Daniel Bryan Says Richard Sherman Has Everything Needed To Be A Pro Wrestler

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- Daniel Bryan recently appeared on NFL Network to discuss the Seattle Seahawks. During the appearance, he rated a number of NFL beards and said cornerback Richard Sherman has everything needed to become a professional wrestler, and did an impression of Sherman's infamous postgame interview. Bryan judging NFL beards is available at this link, and Bryan's Sherman impression is available at this link.

- It appears as if Big E Langston will be referred to as Big E going forward. His Twitter account and dot com profile reflect the change, and readers have reported that he was announced as simply "Big E" during this week's Smackdown taping. Big E did an interview Monday in which he explained that people have always called him Big E, but the added Langston was "kind of random."

On a similar note, Antonio Cesaro had his name tweaked to Cesaro earlier this week.

  • jason witten 82

    These name changes are pointless

    • Mike

      I can understand the Big E name but Cesaro? That’s like calling Dolph Ziggler just Ziggler.

  • Venom

    Personally I think using the name Langston would have been better. Big E. sounds too “jobberish”. I guess WWE likes to go through these phase of using one name for wrestlers. Like dropping Bobby for Lashley. There were others during that time 2005 just too lazy to think.

    • GODSENT68

      I luv your comment simply on the fact too lazy to think

      • Venom

        I usually have an incredible memory when it comes to storyline, matches, behind the scene stories. But as Jason witten 82 said. These name tweaking are pointless so it’s not something I need to waste energy in thinking or researching. I just remember reading about using one names for wrestlers during that time and the 2 tht was brought up were Bobby Lashley and Dave Batista.

    • Mike

      Dropping the John from John Heidenreich?

  • Jbreed

    Let’s just hope they don’t end up like Tensai after they dropped Lord from his name.

  • jdl

    Big E sounds something out of a cheesy 1980s rap group.

  • smark sloan

    they should just call him ” stink E “

  • John Millard

    thought it might be jiggle e or the many nicknames he has been given