Nancy Grace Blackballed By WWE After Deplorable Warrior Coverage

After the embarrassing coverage of Ultimate Warrior's death on her HLN show, Nancy Grace is being blackballed by WWE. TMZ is reporting while no official memos have went out, current and former WWE talent have been warned to stay away.

Grace's coverage featured an appearance by DDP where she tried to pin Warrior's death on steroids and drugs even though no official cause of death at the time had been determined. The show included Owen Hart's name on a list of wrestlers who died young, when of course his death was the result of a freak accident at a WWE show.

DDP later issued a statement, where he said if he had known the only topic discussed was going to be steroids, he wouldn't have participated.

Grace's deplorable coverage is online at this link or embedded in the video below:

Click here for coverage by TMZ.

  • Nancy Grace has never been a legitimate journalist. Her time as a prosecutor has clouded her judgement of facts. I have no clue why they continue to keep her on air and pay her. I could make up bogus stories, make them sound legit…why can’t I make the money she does? Oh yeah, I’m not scum.

    • Jason

      I love watching her rants when verdicts don’t go the way she thinks they should and she goes on and on and on about how the American justice system failed and so forth. They provide for me countless hours of comedy!

  • AlphaMale

    I’ve not understood this whole time why anyone expected different. As soon as I saw DDP was on her show to cover the Ultimate Warrior’s death I know exactly how it would be. Nancy Grace just wants to sit on her high horse and condemn, she has no interest in reporting

  • magruber

    the moment I saw that scrunched up face of hers years ago, I knew she was a bitch.

  • Paul

    She’s always been vile

  • ClintMurphy

    haven’t taken her since the whole lacrosse incident