Naomi Won't Need Surgery; Out Another 4-6 Weeks

Naomi saw an eye specialist last week and it was determined she will not need surgery, according to a new update on However, the break has caused communication between her sinus cavity and the back of her eye socket.

Due to the damage, she cannot travel on an airplane and is expected out another 4-6 weeks.

Naomi suffered a displaced fracture in her face during a match against Aksana on the February 3, 2014 episode of Monday Night Raw.

  • Reason

    Damnit Aksana

  • Matt

    This is a pretty serious injury. I hope Aksana got a talking to. I’d feel horrible if I was her.

  • Get well soon Naomi.

  • Patdp

    Sorry to hear that, such a talent get well soon!!

  • tnicols

    beat aksana’s ass half to death when she returns.

    • NayNay77


  • Ezra Moon

    I was really looking forward to seeing Naomi as Diva’s Champ, she is my second favorite Diva after AJ… I usually dont want people to be fired, but please oh please just fire Aksana… Or just make her a manager and keep her out of the ring :/

  • crazyseandx

    Guess this means no Naomi in WMXXX. Too bad considering last year that 8-man tag team match didn’t make the card due to time allotment. Speaking of which, while I’ve learned that Tensai(last I heard) is commentating sometimes on NXT, someone tell me WHERE THE F*CK IS BRODUS CLAY?!?!?!? Seriously, this is looking like the aftermath of Cryme Tyme’s breakup where Shad turned heel, broke up Cryme Tyme, and after some promo with him shouting it’s not Cryme Tyme, but that it’s “My Tyme”, he disappeared from TV for months only to be released later that same year. It’s looking the same with Brodus right now as he’s nowhere to be found, with the only difference in all this being that Tensai is not wrestling right now and isn’t having a singles babyface run like JTG did.

    • Jim bob

      I heard he is getting a reboot.

  • Mandy

    Such a serious injury just at the time when Naomi was getting a well deserved push. I was really looking forward to seeing her get a chance at the Divas Championship but her health comes first. I really hope the WWE takes action against Aksana and keeps her away from the ring for a while

  • Guest

    It was an accident. I wish Noemi a speedy recovery.

  • Eddie Cruz

    I was an accident. I wish Naomi a speedy recovery.

  • Darren35

    Damn you Aksana. You should’ve done that to Mel Gibson and called yourself ‘Oksana.’

  • imafunker2

    I wouldnt jump on Aksana too much, I’m sure it was just an accident. These things happen. It does suck tho. Hopefully WWE doesnt ‘punish’ Naomi for getting hurt and continues pushing her. She’s a hard worker, she’s hot, and WWE desperately needs more of that in their Diva division.